V3.0 Has anyone had Nausea?

Has anyone experienced nausea after switching from the v1.1 to v3.0? After each serving of the newest version I experience several hours of nausea, but didn’t have this with the 1.1 after being on this for 6 weeks. Thanks

Hmmm that’s very strange and there’s no reason that v3.0 should be causing these symptoms… Nausea could be caused by a variety of things so there’s not much advice I can give. Are you experiencing any other symptoms and keeping your water intake up?

Hey Dan, thanks for the response! Water intake is good. I just figured I would reach out for any others experiencing this. Currently I have momentarily paused the Huel for a week. I’m first attributing it to some cold symptoms perhaps. Then I’ll restart the Huel. This product has been an excellent help in starting to lose weight and manage my carlorie intake. I’ll try whatever to not stop use. Thank you again.

Okay that’s good to know. Keep me updated and I will try to help whatever way I can.