Huel Black edition nausea

I am new to huel. I’ve never tried the originals but I ordered chocolate and vanilla of the black. Yesterday I made just a water and 2 scoops of chocolate for breakfast and could only get about half down before I felt like gagging and nauseous. I put the rest in the fridge and had it around 9pm after a night out. The taste was noticeably better after refrigerating.

Today I did 2 scoops of vanilla, 1tbs peanut butter and a banana, ice and water. LOVE the taste of this shake - but again half Way through I am nauseous :woman_shrugging:t3:

Someone said it’s the pea protein - I have no idea. Is anyone else having this happen??

I have been using black chocolate for two months and never any nausea, I just use water but I always refrigerate for at least two hours and love the the taste . I try to make the 400 cal meal last 30 minutes and not drink to fast and always leave me feeling I have been well nourished!!! Good luck maybe it is new for your body.

Hey Heidi,

How long do you take to have your Huel? It may be that you’re consuming it too quickly.

Maybe. I usually consume it like a smoothie. I get halfway and when I posted this I stop and then I was able to slowly finish it.

I get sick if I take vitamins on an empty stomach as well. Looking at all the nutrients I am wondering if that could be it

The 3.0 version makes me very nauseated, too. Not sure exactly what does it (previous versions are fine), but I think either the kombucha or probiotics. Who knows.

You could try having your Huel over at least 20 minutes then. Think of Huel as food rather than a smoothie.

Huel is food. You’re having the nutrients with oats, flaxseed etc so it’s not quite the same. If you think an empty stomach is an issue and you have Huel for breakfast try having a banana or a little something first thing.

It’s been about a month and I still don’t know what it is - but I adapted to it. I can have it first thing in the morning no prob :slight_smile:


That’s great to hear Heidi!

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