Huel v3.0 and nausea

I have been taking Huel for 9 months now. The last month I have started to feel nauseous and could not pin point what the cause could be. I began eliminating certain things one at a time. Last week I stopped using Huel and started to feel better. This week I got back on Huel for breakfast and with in 2 hours the nausea began again. Could there be something going on with my last shipment of Huel V3.0 Banana flavor?

Hey @alexf_huel - welcome to the US Huel forum!

Sorry to hear this, but glad to hear that you’re now feeling better. I can confirm there’s been no similar complaints on Banana v3.0 that I am aware of. However, I’ve just DM-ed you to grab a bit more information on this and to assist further. :slight_smile: