V1.1 is SOOOO good

Wow. Just got a package from the outlet Huel for some v1.1, chocolate. Omg! I forgot how great Huel used to be. No clumps. Smooth, amazing flavor, I felt better after drinking it. Huel should really dedicate some resources into making small batches of 1.1, you have so many long time users who used your product against all others because of that particular formula. Is there any way you can sell 1.1 indefinitely?


I’m hoping the same thing.


I think 1.0’s the best myself.


Agree 100%. 3.0 is garbage by any standard—possibly the worst product experience for any powdered product that I’ve encountered. At best you can spend time breaking it down with a whisk, and even then it’s just pellets of tiny clumps. What a let down.

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I bet since it has corn starch, that might be able to be broken down with water or orange juice. I know it does work in water (although a little chalky).

It’s 100% from the tapioca and corn starch…both are cheap, clumpy fillers. Bottom line is that they tried to cut corners, loaded 3.0 with cheap starches to make the material cheaper while maintaining volume.

Been in this business for 20+ years…always a shame to see a company make bad product decisions when all they had to do was charge a little more if material cost was an issue.

Golden rule of product development and marketing is…don’t change the product, change the price. I was a good subscriber up until 3.0. Looking elsewhere for an alternative, unfortunately. They had a good thing going.


Not at all. Corn starch is there in tiny, tiny amounts as a carrier for some of the vitamins and minerals. If we wanted to use a cheaper carrier we’d use maltodextrin.

Tapioca is actually more expensive than oats so this is also untrue. If we wanted something cheaper than either of them we would use maltodextrin or isomaltulose.

If we did that we wouldn’t have many of the improvements that makes Huel the best in complete foods from a nutritional point of view. There would be no phytonutrients, no vitamin D3 etc. We spend a lot of time focusing on improvements and development.

As I mentioned on your other post some people appear to have clumping issues which we will look into because we have not seen this issue during development or with the majority of Hueligans.


I just posted on this version 3.0 stuff as well. I was quite shocked at the change. Basically ruined the product.

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I can appreciate the stance from a purely nutritional standpoint, but the issue is that the quality of a product is the totality of its benefits (not features). Feature improvements are only improvements if they don’t compromise the end product. If what you’re saying is that every single bag that I’ve received is flawed, as clumping hasn’t been an issue overall for most? I’d be happy to order from a batch that doesn’t have the problem that every bag of 3.0 has had for me so far.


I don’t trust Huel employees or the company itself if they say they never experienced clumping when testing 3.0. Unless you all use blenders and machinery when testing. the three other people I know personally who use Huel are having the same issue, along with numerous members on here. Legit it will not mix correctly from shaking! It’s all good though, I’m done leaving feedback for this product, once the Huel outlets are out of 1.1, I’m clearly finding an alternative. The taste of 3.0 I could find myself getting adjusted to, it’s really the clumps that’s are unbearable

Regarding tapioca/corn starches—you know full well you couldn’t alternatively fill with maltodextrin or isomaltulose for many reasons. Amazed that either of those were even thoughts outside of a material cost argument. Tapioca is HIGHLY economical as well, so not sure that making it sound expensive makes any sense…other than it’s more expensive than corn starch. How about a fine explanation as to what differences between 3.0 and 1.1 might contribute to a clumpy product. Are there enough dissatisfied customers on this forum and Reddit to justify a decent response? Huel customer service hasn’t earned any stars on this lately…chat help is dismissive.

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This is a fair point, thank you.

Honestly nothing, I’ve just had my Huel this morning and still no clumping. This is why it’s important to look into this carefully, what might be causing it and the scale of the problem.

We absolutely could as most competitors do.

I’m not, you said they were cheap fillers, I explained how they’re not. Economical ingredients are important for keeping Huel affordable, a key part of our mission.

I’m not sure what else you want me to say here. I’ve explained on multiple threads that we are looking into the causes and getting a better idea of the scale of the problem that you’re experiencing. Whether it’s the batch, the liquid/water being used, shaking technique, the shaker itself etc.

I think an issue is that more expensive doesn’t always mean better. If people like oats better, maybe going back to that would help - cheaper for supplying it and makes people happy. It’s good to innovate, but it’s also good to fall back on that until the next best idea comes out.