V1.1 to 2.0 to 3.0. From good to bad to worse

I started my journey using huel with v1.1
Never got to try 1.0
Huel 1.1 was exactly what was was looking for and got me hooked on the product. I’ve mixed it with water at work for lunch convenience. Version 2.0 was “different” the taste was worse, but bearable. The new version 3.0 is awful. IT DOES NOT MIX. The R&D people at huel saying they don’t have a problem can’t be telling the truth. There is no way all these people are having problems but they are not. Either they’re flat out lying or downplaying their customers.
I’m not using a blender for v3.0, that’s not convenient. If I had to do that I’ll just make a sandwich.
Anyway how to I buy v1.1? I heard there is still a way and I’d like to purchase that again, but when it runs out, I’m out. I cannot be a part of the downward spiral that is this product anymore.


We absolutely are telling the truth. We wouldn’t lie to Hueligans it’s not our way. I’m sorry if you feel we’ve played down these issues, this was not intended. We are listening.

In the US we moved from v1.1 to v3.0 there was not v2.0. You can see more about the version history here.

You can find the outlet store here.

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Dan, how are you mixing? You can’t be shaking it in the container and not getting any lumps. If so, please detail your steps. On v1.1 i would add a metal spiral shaker ball and it was completely smooth. v3.0 is clumpy lumpy.

To be honest, i prefer the oat taste of 1.1 and not too keen on the vanilla or chocolate of 3.0. I suspect that you guys went with a different formula to thicken the product because some people can’t figure out to use less water in 1.1 if they wanted it thicker like a shake. Personally, i could care less if its a thick shake or not.

Personal opinion you ruined the flavor in 3.0 from 1.1 as is evidenced by a lot of the feedback here.

@Clarky is correct, if i have to use a blender which is never convenient for me as i’m at work for my two meals then i may as well seek other options. Now, can i get through the tapioca gelatinous balls, of course! But i’m going back to 1.1 until the supplies run out then i’ll figure out alternatives from there. Man you guys ruined a great thing.


I just made a batch, shaking in the container, not getting any lumps. I did nothing special, just shook vigorously.

Are you using the right amount of water for the powder quantity? Are you remembering to put the plastic mesh thing inside the lid of the shaker?

No problems with mixing 3.0 here - and I even add a scoop of pea protein powder in the blender bottle (that stuff is like powdered glue). Shake for 10-15 seconds, tops, and good to go; no lumps.

Would you mind telling me if you are in US, UK, elsewhere? What flavor are you using?

This is mind boggling that people can have this experience. I’ve tried everything, and I mean everything, to get the Huel to mix well by hand. Is it possible we’re not using the same product?

Can someone at Huel comment on whether every region is getting the same product? Does US Huel come from the same factory as UK Huel? Could there be something in the manufacturing process at the factory that produces the US Huel?


Please see my comment to Helios. Thanks!

I’m in the US, using a newly opened bag of US Huel 3.0.

I do put the water in the shaker before the powder, but that’s just how I’d handle any powder, to stop it getting stuck in the corners.

I wonder what was different about my October order then? The taste was different than the first two? Either way, my December order of 3.0 has been awful.

I am in the US. I put about 18 to 20 ounces of water in the shaker cup, 3 scoops of the old original scoop, then add the plastic cover and lid. I shake as vigorously as I can for about 30 seconds. No matter what I do I still get clumps that I can almost chew and when I rinse the container in our sink there is so many large clumps it clogs the drain and I have to smash them with the sponge for them to wash down the sink.
I never had a problem with the first version I tried.

Is there any chance at all that versions would be rolled back to a previous one? I’m not talking next month or anything, but even if it’s a year from now?

I’m in the U.S. (Kentucky). I’m using Huel Black, Vanilla, with the shaker bottle provided. I mix with filtered municipal tap water (moderately hard water). I don’t know if that makes a difference- I’ve never mixed Huel with anything other than water. I start with 15 oz water, add protein powder & Huel, shake 5-10 seconds, top off with more water, shake 5-10 seconds, and refrigerate overnight. Never had a problem with consistency or clumps.

I haven’t tried the Huel Black and won’t purchase it because of the cost and the experience with my first Huel 3.0
I use a 5 gallon water jug to mix. The water comes from one of those vending machines outside of convenience stores. Probably r/o or super filtered water.

Okay, thanks. I think the “refrigerate overnight” part is the difference. It does help to let it sit for a while if you can plan ahead.