I just upped my subscription from 2 bags to 7 bags!

I wanted to give a huge thanks to this company for what you do.

I’ve struggled to gain weight all of my life and have been looking for a convenient, pleasant, and cost-effective way to get calories. I have trouble keeping down solid foods and get full very quickly, so I’ve often relied on high-calorie drink options like Ensure, Boost, and Soylent.

The problem is that those products either have too much sugar or seem chock-full of low quality filler ingredients. Whereas with Huel, I can add 800-1200 calories to my diet each day without any guilt or concerns about my health. I see all the Huel staff’s discussions around proper nutrition and I feel confident that I’m doing the right thing for my body.

So yeah, I’ll now be happily receiving 7 bags per subscription period. Call me crazy, but I’m feeling good about this decision.


Congrats on the increase but if you’re only doing 800-1200 a day it’ll take a while to go through 7 bags.

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Thanks for the feedback Julian!

Love that you can put your confidence in us.

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