Using cold water for Hot & Savory?

I would like to use cold water to prepare my Yellow Coconut Curry and leave it to sit in the fridge overnight. Are there any issues with doing this?

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Try it and let us know.

in my mind, it couldn’t hurt to try. only issue i might see is reheating the next day…

I’m curious to see how this goes, any updates?

It’s in the fridge, I should have some answers tomorrow.

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I think there’s something to be said for a pre-soak, if you have the time…I stirred it once a few hours in because it looked just like it does after I soak it in boiling water for 5 minutes; there was a layer of less-hydrated Huel on the top. This morning, I thought I’d have to stir it again but I didn’t. There’s definitely not as much toothiness as I’ve ever gotten using hot water, but I’ve never really tried much more than 5 minutes.
It didn’t really thicken up over time, the consistency seems the same as when I stirred it yesterday.

Hey @UncaAndoo - this is super interesting. I’ve never tried this before. Did you heat it at all after soaking overnight?

I took a bite or two before heating it in the microwave. I didn’t notice any texture change before and after.

If you add the powder to a saucepan of already-boiling water, stir until mixed well (about 30 secs), cover and lower heat to slow boil for another 30 secs, remove from heat or just turn burner off and stir once more. Cover and let sit 5-10 mins while you go do something else, when you return it should be perfect!! Mine always is.

Oh yeah, add some raw spinach or beet greens before placing the lid back on and you will have gotten your greens on!!