Best way to heat up hot & savory?

Felt like this would be a good thread idea while I’m waiting for my shipment. How do you heat yours up?

Personally, I’ll probably try heating it up in my instant pot, possibly putting multiple meals in there to split it into servings throughout the day.

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I have been boiling water and adding it to my pot past the fill line. After I stir, it’s usually below or right at the fill line, so I add more water to the fill line if needed, stir again, then close. I still havent tried microwaving it all together in one go.

My first attempt was with 2 cups of water and a bag of broccoli boiled in a pot with the thai flavor. This was too much water, I should have used whatever the bag said. It was delicious but a bit watery. The second time I had the tomato herb flavor. I followed the instructions for microwaving that were on the bag. It was perfect! This is an excellent product. It does seem to be a little less filling than the vanilla 3.0, but I probably just need to use 500 calories worth instead of 400.

I’ve been microwaving mine but I’m afraid to use the included pot. I use a microwave safe Rubbermaid bowl and follow Huel’s microwave instructions:

In the microwave

  • Add 250ml of water and stir thoroughly
  • Cover and microwave on full power for 1 minute 30 seconds, stir, re-cover and microwave for 1 minute.

Note: By covered I take it as “loosely cover.” Let it sit covered for five minutes then give a final stir.

first, I fill my Huel pot with cold water and add water to a little above the line, then pour the water into a pot to boil on the stove… While I wait I fill my pot with my Huel hot and savory, and then add boiling water, stir and then wait 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, I open, stir a bit, take a little taste then recover for another 2-3 minutes to ensure thorough rehydration of all ingredients.

I find I need 10 minutes for the mac and cheese but its very much worth the wait

I have an electric kettle I use to boil water and add to the pour line in the Huel Hot’n’Savory cup. Has worked great

I don’t know about you guys but I used chicken stock instead and it blew my mind. Of course, this means I don’t use a kettle or my tea and coffee would taste like chicken. So now I keep a separate container to pop in the work microwave.

I liked the Mexican chili and the Thai curry. I’m so glad I don’t have to eat vanilla and chocolate for lunch. That gets old!

I make mine with my Keurig. I use 10 oz water to 2 scoops. I let it sit about 20-30 min, stir well, and enjoy.

I add boiling water and stir in the provided pot. When it settles add more to the line. Screw the cover on and let sit for 15 min. For Mac & Cheese I add additional water to.make a.nice sauce. Microwave a bowl of Broccoli and pour it over. My go to meal when I’m craving pasta.