Fresh blend vs. Overnight Soak

I have made Huel fresh blended from the bag and have let Huel soak overnight in the fridge.
The fresh blend is, of course, an immediate meal. However, it can, for some, have a gritty texture that can make you feel the irritation in your throat. A quick sip of water can smooth it out. It is satisfying, palatable, and saves time.
The overnight soak in the fridge is thickened and very smooth from the soak. The cold makes the meal refreshing on contact, tasty with full flavor and subdued sweetness. The texture is velvety and lingering. No hint of coarse powder anywhere in the taste. The sweetness is a more soluable finish without an aftertaste.
For me, I prefer the overnight soaking method because it changes into a somewhat predigested liquid, similar to soaking cashew nuts before making the cashew milk in a blender. It’s effect may be an aid to better digestion and perhaps better absorption. It’s my opinion that the soaking method is far superior in taste and texture to a freshly blended Huel meal.


What if you blend it then leave it in the fridge overnight?

I have tried both methods, and I like mine inbetween. I find that soaking in the fridge for about 4 hours is my optimum, but somewhere around 2 hours is where it starts the transition. It is smoother, but still has a little bit of the grit (which I like), and is plenty cold by that point. All night is too thick, immediate is too sandy, and 2 to 4 hours is juuuusst right. (like a Huel 3 bears porrige story) :joy:


It would likely still get thicker, but remain smoother from being blended. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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Am curious about the over night soak? Are you saying that, you mix the shake up, and let it sit in the fridge overnight? Does this also refer to the 4 hour soak?
I agree; consuming right after mixing had me choking

I toss Huel, blueberries and cranberry juice in a nutribullet and have half for breakfast right away (not too gritty) and the other half a few 3-4 hours later, kinda chewy, but still good. Occasionally I take a couple thermoses of cold Huel, and one gets left for the next day, that’s super chewy and at leasts needs a couple tablespoons of water or juice.

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