Things to add/improve flavour

Sure this has been done hundreds of times before but oh well

Just started Huel. liking the convenience but the flavor not so much, mostly the aftertaste

First question

Does the unflavored have this as well or is it from the sweeteners in the flavored versions?

Second question - What can I add to improve the flavour? I’m mostly just using huel for the convenience 1-2 easy meals per day and generally eat healthy anyway, not using for health reasons or weight loss so mostly fine with trying whatever even if it isn’t mega healthy, Tried coffee and fruit so far, they help a little but not something i could see myself doing every day

Cheers in advance

Huel with milk tastes better than water imo
If u like peanut butter, u can add some powdered peanut butter to it (search PB2)
U can also add any hot chocolate type powder u might be having at home


It depends what sort of flavor you’re looking for: Sugar free Torani syrups, flavored coffee creamers, Flav Drops from My Protein, of course Huel’s own flavor packs, coffee, alt-milks…

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Yes, the after taste is from the artificial sweeteners. You won’t have that problem with U/U. I add actual sugar to my U/U shakes.

As for other flavorings, some favorites are peanut butter, frozen fruit, cinnamon, cocoa powder… I often add vanilla ice cream and PB because I need the extra calories. But you can get some good flavors without the calories using extracts like vanilla, almond, mint (not peppermint… big difference!), maple, etc. You can do sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, and some mint extract. You can do a sort of banana bread with a banana, cinnamon, and walnuts. I think my favorite combo is vanilla and peanut butter, though.

Think of it as anything that would taste good in oatmeal, will taste good in Huel. Have fun!