Unpopular Opinion: Overnight chilling is gross

My unpopular opinion after reading through a lot of the posts on the forum is that I do not like the shake chilled overnight after I make it. While I do really a lot of ice to make it super cold I find chilling it over night makes it thicker and one of the ingredient bloats up; the consistency just grosses me out.

I also make it a lot thinner than the recipe recommends, I use about 21 ounces coconut milk/water mix per two scoops plus a few ice cubes some frozen berried then blend it up and then consume immediately. Yum.

Im with you on the more water/milk than recommended part

I’m with you on the stale milkshake consistency part

I don’t like to let it sit and thicken up either. For two scoops I even fill the bottle all the way up with water. Recently, I’ve even started having my Huel one scoop at a time and using about 17 ounces of water. That way it doesn’t have time to thicken up.

One thing I’ve found interesting is that when I blend my Huel with protein powder, it doesn’t thicken up. I have no idea why, but if you have any protein powder lying around, maybe mix up a batch with it and stick it in the fridge and see if that works. I actually don’t like it, as I prefer the somewhat more “chewy” texture.

Totally understand this. I’m not a huge fan of leaving it in the fridge overnight, but a lot of people are! Personally, I like making my Huel a bit thinner (more water and adding ice cubes–the cubes will melt).

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