Unpopular Opinion: Overnight chilling is gross

My unpopular opinion after reading through a lot of the posts on the forum is that I do not like the shake chilled overnight after I make it. While I do really a lot of ice to make it super cold I find chilling it over night makes it thicker and one of the ingredient bloats up; the consistency just grosses me out.

I also make it a lot thinner than the recipe recommends, I use about 21 ounces coconut milk/water mix per two scoops plus a few ice cubes some frozen berried then blend it up and then consume immediately. Yum.

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Im with you on the more water/milk than recommended part

I’m with you on the stale milkshake consistency part

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I don’t like to let it sit and thicken up either. For two scoops I even fill the bottle all the way up with water. Recently, I’ve even started having my Huel one scoop at a time and using about 17 ounces of water. That way it doesn’t have time to thicken up.

One thing I’ve found interesting is that when I blend my Huel with protein powder, it doesn’t thicken up. I have no idea why, but if you have any protein powder lying around, maybe mix up a batch with it and stick it in the fridge and see if that works. I actually don’t like it, as I prefer the somewhat more “chewy” texture.

Totally understand this. I’m not a huge fan of leaving it in the fridge overnight, but a lot of people are! Personally, I like making my Huel a bit thinner (more water and adding ice cubes–the cubes will melt).

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I have never left it in the fridge over night, but I have experimented with mixing in the morning and then eating at lunch and adding more water just before drinking to reduce thickness.

It did help with the clumping in 3.0, but I wasn’t a fan of the result either. I felt like it was almost a little slimy, like eating wallpaper paste. To each their own!

I personally just do two scoops and 17 fl. Oz of water and blend then drink. Sometimes I make another and bring it to work and leave it in the fridge but I prefer just to down it quickly