Made-ahead shakes?

I tend to make my shakes the day before so they’re totally blended and chilled by the time I get to them, but I read somewhere that the vitamins/nutrients degrade fairly quickly once blended with liquid. I can’t find WHERE I read that, so just looking for clarity. Can anyone provide info on how far ahead I can mix up my meals without losing the nutritional benefits I’m counting on?

I don’t think they do as long as they’re sealed and then refrigerated upon opening. That’s my starting assumption since I haven’t read otherwise

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I pop them right in the fridge after mixing, so I guess they’re ok. I appreciate the info!

Hey @LDCrawford,
Many Hueligans make their Huel the night before and leave it in the fridge over night, keep it cool and have it for lunch the next day! Typically that is the longest I would say to wait to consume it :blush:


So, 12-18ish hours? I’ll keep that in mind! I appreciate your help very much.

The fresher the better for me. I found that the consistency wasn’t where I wanted it when I let it sit overnight, so I blend them up in the morning and put them in coolers.

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