Unfullfilled order


I have been using Huel for a long time and this is most unprofessional you have been.

I ws promised my order in 10 days and now its been 13 days??

I have lost more money buying lunch waiting on huel. This is absolutely unacceptable.

You guys are trying to create artificial scarcity to make us want to order more often or what??

I am unsubscribing from using your product.

If any of you employees came late to work 13 days post his expected vacation, would you forgive him/her??

This is the most unprofessional behavior.

Sorry for the tone, but this has reached its limit. #15886

I think there are far worse levels of being unprofessional. Like if they were letting employees take poops in the bag. I guess that would still count as all natural, but it really stink.

Growing pains happen when small companies are growing.

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KingPoacher, I am not sure how your orders were handled. May be you got them just a few days late, mine has been

  1. late by 13 days.
  2. I am student, and I rely on Huel to save money and time.
  3. They said they would send me my order in 10 days and now its been 3 days late.
  4. I sent them mails and it was never replied to until this barrage here on the forum.

We all work so hard to make our lives and achieve our goals. Our bosses wouldn’t care if we went home late, but would be fuming if we came in late.

We invest our time and some times even our money for our future making sacrifices, sometimes denying our own ( kids, wives of their wishes ) for our work and deliver them in a timely manner. Very few things turnout as expected, but we are expected to treat those like priorities. Why is it okay for a company like Huel to not live up to the very standards we set for ourselves??

Corporations like Huel could be forgiven, but not people??? is that your point??

We judge people who literally are paying for a service at a different ethical standard than corporations like these which are probably on the way of being well to do and whose eventual motive is to turn profitable??

I was told 10 business days, not days. It was a little over 10 business days.

Companies, like people, aren’t perfect. Understanding is my point. If this was something that always happened month after month, then it would be a terrible company. If it is a company that just expanded and was overrun with orders, it was a mistake. I understand your frustration. I checked my account multiple times a day. They aren’t lying on purpose. They will work it out and this will all be a memory.

But why are we held at higher accountability standard for not being perfect while corporations are not?? I still don’t get this??

They could have just sent a single bag??

That way it would serve double the number of customers while they are fulfilling back orders in the meanwhile bags?? (send extra bags in next orders this who got single bags and eventually break even??)

Simple things like these help too?? there is no such effort I see??

I got this email in relation to my order. Maybe call them and see if they’ll change it.

FWIW, I was in the gluten free group which was SERIOUSLY delayed. I raised a stink and they finally provided me with a phone number. I called them, changed the current order to the basic Vanilla, and they said it would ship out today (11/2). I haven’t seen the order change status on the page yet, but will update once I see something.

"I have an update to your recent Huel order, along with a thank you for your patience as we approach the end of our backorder delays. We anticipate a further delay of up to 10 additional business days before your order will ship. We understand this is a long time to wait.

We’d like to extend 3 options for you below:

• I’m ok waiting: If you do not want to make any change to your order and are willing to wait, there is no action needed on your part. We will ship your order in full as soon as it is available.

• I’d like to change to Non-Gluten-Free: If you wish to change to a non-Gluten-Free variety, you can call (888) 338-5656 and we will be happy to make that change for you. While this variety has the same ingredients as our Gluten Free, and still contains no wheat or wheat gluten, it does not undergo the specific steps needed to carry the “Gluten-Free” certification. Please note, this is a special line set up to make these changes alone. For any other questions, please email our support team at support@huel.com.

• I’d like to cancel: If you wish instead to cancel your order, we understand. You can email us at support@huel.com and we can cancel and refund your order, and hope to have you back as a customer soon when any delays are behind us.

Thank you again for your continued patience and support as we expand in the USA, and for being a part of the Huel community."

I was considering changing to non gluten if the product was guaranteed to be delivered faster too, but after hearing from you, I want to wait and see.

Wow I’m still waiting on my first ever order of Huel here, so my only experience has been delays, but do they put crack in their product? Because you freaking out like this sounds like you’re having withdrawals. This is a growing company from what I’ve read and yeah, your tone/tantrum isn’t really going to make it ship any faster. I’ll be happy when my order finally comes in on Monday, in the meantime I’ve already given them my money, and I’ll go get myself a breakfast burrito :yum::burrito: Maybe put some ice in your Huel when you get it because you need to chill


They don’t put crack in their products, their work ethic seems to have been designed when they were high on crack.

My way of working is based on discipline and reliability, the cornerstone of success, not wait and watch.

Hi aketh,

My sincere apologies that you’ve had a disappointing and frustrating experience thus far. We set high expectations for ourselves and strive to adhere to those high standards and recognize that experiences like yours fall short. Unfortunately, demand was much higher than we had anticipated, so much so that our manufacturer couldn’t keep up. We have taken the proper steps with supply and manufacturing to avoid future delays to the absolute best of our abilities and are working diligently to send out delayed orders like yours as fast as we possibly can. I’m terribly sorry that our communication has not been more clear and readily available. As you can imagine, we have experienced an influx of activity during this time and we are doing our best to handle all inquiries. This isn’t the experience we want our customers to have and we assure you that we will continuously improve as we continue to grow here in the states. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during this time.

But here’s the good news… your order has been processed and is ready to ship! I will PM you with your tracking info. :tada:

Thanks teresa.