Taking quite a while to fulfill my order

Hope they get on it soon. :confused:

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Posts like this have me paranoid. I just ordered my first batch Wednesday and it hasn’t fulfilled yet. I was hoping it would be there when I returned home Monday. The subreddit also has a lot of stories about it being back ordered.

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I ordered 4 Vanilla and 4 Unsweetened Gluten Free on 11 Feb 2018. I emailed support and received a reply that Gluten Free Huel was gonna be Delayed . Today I received an email saying my order has shipped on 23 Feb 2018. It took longer then I wanted but it all worked out. Sherry did answer all 2 emails sent to her.

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Hi @Globestarfx,

On behalf of the team I would like to thank you and every Hueler effected by the Gluten-free Vanilla delay.

I understand the delay isn’t ideal everyone and we’re doing our best to get Huel in the hands of Huelers as soon as possible.

The past few weeks have a learning process and we hope to serve you better in the future.


Hey @Emmanuelle

It looks like your order was fulfilled today :slight_smile:


Hi @FossilHuels,

You have a fairly large order and it will need to processed outside or normal queue.

We expect it to be shipped within 1-2 business days.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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I got my first order on day 5, pretty reasonable for free shipping. It was 2 bags of Huel original. Really liked it after trying it a few days. I decided to go ahead and make my next order which is much larger. I figure if I make my order at least 7 business days before I run out, that will probably be good enough. Just gotta remember to plan ahead.


Wow, wasn’t expecting an actual response from Huel. Kudos. Thanks for the info! Quick questions, that order is the same size as my subscription, will there be the same slight delay every time? If so I might add an extra bag just to make sure my Fiancee and I can make it through to the shipment.

@Deron I ordered (12 bags of unflavored, not gluten-free) on February 11. It didn’t ship until February 22 (I contacted Huel on February 21–I have no idea whether that prompted them to ship it), and it has an estimated delivery date of February 27. That’s 11 business days. I’ve seen some people on the forum that have had even longer waits. I would recommend ordering more Huel when you’re down to a one month supply of Huel. I ordered when I had a three week supply of Huel, thinking that would be enough, but I got stressed about the wait and ordered Soylent on February 21 and received it today. In terms of ingredients and macronutrients, Soylent is garbage compared to Huel, but at least they ship promptly and aren’t all smoke and mirrors about any shipping delays.

Huel says it ships large or unusual orders less frequently since they que up more common orders more regularly in order to help with order fulfillment accuracy. If that’s the case, Huel’s website should say that instead of saying, “The majority of orders placed before 12pm CST will be shipped the same working day.” Okay, so it says “the majority of orders,” which gives Huel an excuse to give to anyone who complains–“Oh, your order isn’t a common order, so we had to forget about it for a week and a half (except, of course, for the charging your card part of the order).”

TL;DR: Order more Huel when you have no less than a one month supply of Huel left. I know better than to guarantee that you won’t have to wait more than one month for Huel, but from my experience and what I’ve seen on the forum, a one month’s reserve is a good rule of thumb for reducing your stress level if you rely on Huel as part of your daily food supply.

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That’s good advice. With a 12 month shelf life for unopened bags, that’s not a big deal either.

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i ordered on the 20th and it hasn’t yet been fulfilled. i ordered the original (nothing special.) is there a delay overall? it’s just concerning bc as someone mentioned the FAQ says it’s usually mailed the same day.


I ordered my Huel on February 8th. My order included the chocolate mint flavor. I had to reach out because my order didn’t ship. On the 14th I was told my order was going to be shipped without the flavor boost. The flavorboost was to be sent in the next five days. It’s been 11 days and I haven’t heard anything or received my flavor shipment.

Ordered Feb 20th and still no news - reached out to the huel team Feb 23rd and Sothan answered “Due to overwhelming demand for Huel over the past several days in the U.S., we are currently experiencing longer than normal processing times. We expect your order to ship within the next 2-3 business days. We will update you when it is on the way.”

I did order the gluten free variety … perhaps should order the regular?

Lets hope they ship in today or tomorrow, given it has now been business days …

Perhaps they underestimated, severely, the quantity they need to meet demand.

Great product and I do love the taste - unflavored, gluten free.

Hope to get my order soon (#57121 if the huel team is reading this)!!