Unexpected Sleep Benefits

I’m about 2 weeks in to 4 shakes a day on m-f (2 a day on weekends), and I am sleeping better than I ever have in my life. Not just a little better, but sleeping through the whole night without waking up. The only thing that I can think of is that I’ve corrected some sort of vitamin deficiency. Maybe magnesium? Has anyone else had similar experiences?


Hey Shane,

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This is a great question. Diet quality and changes in dietary intake can play a role in sleep/sleep quality (amongst many other factors).

While I cannot say for certain what the exact cause would be here, I’m happy to hear that you’re getting a better night’s sleep! :raised_hands:

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Dang that’s an awesome benefit. But more than that, you have an AWESOME Huel schedule! I am still working my way up to get consistent in once a day.

No doubt you are getting extra benefits because you are putting in extra W O R K