Sleepless nights after HUEL? Does it disrupt Circadian Rhythms?

Hey fellow Hueligans, I’ve been having HUEL twice a week for 5 weeks now and love it. However I have had terrible trouble sleeping, pretty much every night I am up about 4/5 times, only being able to get off around 4/5am. I fall asleep ok, but then wake up about an hour later and can’t settle. I thought this might be due to my sugar detox (as I’m eating much healthier), but my friend has just started HUEL and HE is telling me HE can’t sleep either!

I wonder if there is an ingredient such as Vitamin D, or Iron that alters cicadian rhythms or something if you eat HUEL as your evening meal?

Ironically last night was the first decent sleep I have had in 5 weeks, so maybe my body is starting to adapt?!

Hey @gldavies - welcome to the US Huel forum! :slight_smile:

So sorry to hear this - difficulty sleeping is never a fun time, but I’m happy to hear you had a better night’s sleep recently! There can be so many different things that can affect sleep including dietary intake (for example: caffeine), timing of food/drink, exercise, and stress.

I am not sure exactly what would be causing this for you, but I see no reason why Huel twice per week would cause of daily trouble sleeping.

Not likely coming from Huel twice per week - Huel also does not contain supplemental dosages of vitamins and minerals per serving.

You can always try having Huel earlier and see if that changes anything or have your last meal of the day a bit earlier and see if that helps too.

I hope this was helpful - Let us know how everything goes!

When switching to liquid meals in the beginning i often woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom a lot more often. Also the higher fiber caused me to drink a lot more water which contributed to that.

Now i try to limit the liquid meals to breakfast and lunch and thats helped a lot with the middle of the night trips. I also avoid caffeine after 4pm and heavy HIIT cardio workouts after 7pm (lifting and steady state is ok). My sleep scores have been improving ever since.