Unexpected Hueligans

So my husband and I went out for dinner tonight. Came home to this. Anyone know if Huel is bad for dogs?

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It’s not advisable for them to consume Huel however, there shouldn’t be anything in Huel that will cause them harm.

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Hopefully it wasn’t Chocolate Huel. I would think the only thing in Huel that could harm a dog is cocoa powder since it contains Theobromine


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My Deunan got a taste when I dropped a bottle and it broke. It didn’t seem to affect her. GSD’s rule! :heart_eyes:

The 5 second rule doesn’t apply when you have a 3 second dog. :rofl:


Thanks Deron. Unfortunately that is chocolate huel you see all over the carpet. The dark spots are wet from them licking it. I read up on symptoms to watch for and so far they’ve been ok.