Chocolate Flavor Missing

I’ve been on Chocolate White Bags of Huel started with 8 bags a month to 6 a month. Been on Huel for a little over a Year now. This month in June 2021 was my first time experiencing terrible/extremely bitter/spoiled Huel. When opening a fresh order of Huel the smell was pungent and awful. Made my stomach churn. I went to make my shakes like normal and only started with one because of how bad it smelled. On top of that the color of the powder looked lighter than it did before. I tried it after making it like normal and it was beyond terrible I spit it out and had to rinse my mouth out with water. I ended up testing all 6 bags regretfully. Each one was the same. So I contacted Huel and got a replacement order of Gluten Chocolate Flavor white bags. They stated it would be “Same chocolate taste.” It’s Tasteless. Almost no chocolate flavor. I see maybe 2-5 chocolate balls the size of bee bee’s which isn’t mixed with the power. They are tight balls I have to break apart which tastes like their chocolate boost. I’ve all seen white chunks. I don’t know what that is. I’ve never seen that before. I’m concerned now with Huel. I hope this is just a factory issue with the powder not being mixed right. I would like to know if the Flavor of Chocolate Huel has changed. If this is a change it’s extremely bad. If I wanted flavorless Huel I’d buy that. I’m paying 172+ dollars a month for Chocolate Huel. That’s not what I’m getting.

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Hey @superant19,
Bummed this has been your experience but we are aware and working on it. Do you think you could drop our team an email because we truly would love to help you get to the bottom of this :sparkling_heart: