New Hueler, I chose chocolate!

First of all, in case you were wondering, everything arrived safely! I ordered 7 bags of chocolate Huel at 1 AM last Friday. Shirt is stretchy, soft, and fits alright! Got a cool black shaker bottle. Scoop is ready for battle and I found the information booklet aesthetically pleasing.

From what I can tell, chocolate seems to be a pretty new flavor, right? So I want to describe it best as I can. It reminds me of a low sugar, chocolate flavored bread. If I added a banana and date, I’m confident it’d taste a lot like my favorite smoothie from the health food store. Pure cocoa that hasn’t been cut with sugar.

I kind of made a face when I had my first sip, froze up while processing this, and then thought to myself, “Alright. I can actually do this!”

If you find that shaking the bottle alone was a mistake but you’re far from your blender, chugging helped me out. Skip the first, more sensitive half of your tongue and have water nearby for the grain. :joy: Tomorrow I’m going to try blending it with some frozen blueberries I have. The extra antioxidants should do me good. The seasons are changing and I’m currently floating in “is it allergies or a cold?” territory.

Also, Fartmageddon wasn’t terrible. I mean it smelled terrible, but I wasn’t turning into a rocket ship. Kind of a one and done kind of deal… so far. So, I can say that starting slowly as recommended helped me out, personally!


We always love reading reviews like these! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, and +1 for “Fartmageddon wasn’t terrible”
(Just sayin’)


Update: I’m going to have my Huel for dinner today and tomorrow! I figured I’d feel a lot better not involving my coworkers in the transition period. I had leftover burritos from my friend’s house for lunch. And for breakfast.

I’d say I’m going to feel sorry for my cats, but it’s time to pay them back for their mediocre litter box manners.