Chocolate flavor change?

I did already send an email to Huel, but I was taken aback when I made a shake fom my latest order of Chocolate (v3) where it had no flavor :crazy_face:
And reading these posts makes me wonder if it was intentional because people didnt like the new flavoring.

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I have personally messaged you about this to get more information on it. :blush:

I will get back to you soon with the numbers.

I too feel the flavor has changed. It used to be my absolute favorite flavor but now it seems rather tasteless.

One note that may add evidence to a change or poorly mixed batch is a completely different mouth feel added to the fact this first new bag is mixing perfectly and I’ve never not had clumps when drinking (it was sort of fun to crush them) and then later rinsing/washing out of a 20+ bags.

And because I wanted to change my subscription and forgot that if you touch anything it reships I’ve got 26 bags for this same lot. No worries about staleness since I range from 3-7 a day (depending on how much running I get in) and at least 25 a week. But if this is a bad batch then I’ve got a TON of it.

Double post but almost a month later. I am now completely convinced there are some bad bags of white huel chocolate. FYI No response to this post results in wider sharing and loss of a customer. Using my birthday month Best Buy coupon I bought a KitchenAid stick blender. I thought that fixed the problem, but it was also a new bag day. I’ve gone through three more bags and they have been great but then yesterday I opened another new bag. Even with the stick blender it is thin and bad but almost tasteless with some sort of husk left behind. If this continues then why not find a cheaper but less tasty brand. So it’s been like a couple of good then 3-4 bad, then 3-4 good and another bad one. I grab randomly from the first order here (I have a 10 bag and then a 16 bag from where I dropped and recreated my subscription). They all have the same codes. They are stored in a clean, dark, and dry location (under the bed with a skirt - most in a sealed light locking storage bag, but the overflow on top is still in the dark. Every bag I’ve opened has been properly sealed.

I have no visible husks with a normal bag, it is possibly they are there since I do usually have a thick chocolate flavored residue. Just to make sure the husks and weird taste were not a water ratio, I used 3 oz less and mounded both scoops. Even with less water and more powder it is messed up. [Anyone else notice that a full non packed and non rounded scoop is < 50g?]
I’m already planning on experimenting with a >70% vegan protein for strength training (still Huel for endurance runs), so I can change this all around. In the end with a good bag I love the product and have no issues with the price point, but even one bad bag is unacceptable,

And the worst part of this is, what got left out to make it so runny. Am I hurting my body with poor nutrition with a horrific macro balance because on of the machines got clumped, jammed, or ran out early.

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The mystery deepens. Even though I only opened the “bad” bag yesterday, After the second hour of fast jog/slow run and then a strength hike I was due another recovery shake (chest strap said I’d burn more than 400. On a treadmill, I’m ridiculous allergy to pollens even in the middle of a second round of shots). I decided to gamble on opening another in hopes I was good.

The new bag (randomly selected from 10+ bags with same day from two shipments days apart) is good. They do have a different time (unless that set of numbers that looks like a time is some other data [in which case fire the person that chose a commonly accepted format to mean something else])

The water is in my stick mixer cup and is to show I’m using less that what the bag says (less than 2 cups and that is an ounce low).

This cup picture is before my refrigerator after nozzle side clean and swirl. There is no after because it was clean after I drank the rinse (vs the residue show with “bad bag”

I’m posting instead of PM because there was already a thread and others need to know that if they chocolate tastes off it might not be them. I’m posting here instead of Reddit because I actually like this product and would prefer to limit reputation damage.

In the end though I’m wondering if this isn’t an FDA issue. The products are clearly different but the listed ingredients are the same. Something has been added or removed and not updated in the ingredients. Also has this (likely accidental) change been tested for safety? Should perhaps Huel issue a recall before the FDA forces one?

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We apologize for not getting in touch with you sooner and I have replied back to your personal message to get more information on your bags and sort it out too!

@Domenique_Huel That’d be super swell if you would post the Huel study/findings for all consumers to be made aware…for health and safety purposes.

Thank you for such a thorough investigation

I hope Huel uses the information you have provided to fix quality control issues for the sake of future production.

I hope Huel compensates you with replacement product for the sake of customer satisfaction snd service excellence.

I just tried chocolate for the first time and I too think it tastes weird - but it’s my first time trying chocolate, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It doesn’t taste like chocolate to me at all. I’m not sure what I would say it tastes like.

I definitely don’t hate it, and I will drink it, but I probably won’t order this flavor again (then again, I said the same thing about the berry flavor but I grew to love it and just ordered another bag lol so who knows?)

I also have a good bit of that white grit in mine, but that didn’t appear unusual to me (there’s always some stuff left behind in the cup no matter the flavor, I’m not familiar with chocolate specifically).