Avoid clumping even without a mixer


who can give me some advice on how to get a smooth Huel shake even when on the road or travelling, that is without a mixer?

Is it only possible with cold water? Or can you give me some advice on how to prepare hot shakes (ideally also without a mixer, just to have the option to get a hot shake even when not at home)?

Thank you in advance!

I suspect the clumping comes from settling of the powder so it makes chunks of small-scale concrete.

Try shaking the bag before you open it to loosen the settled-into-itself powder before you scoop.

Even weirder perhaps: use a flour sifter. Add some, shake, add more, shake more, etc. until you get a full portion.

Maybe if you had a large salt shaker, you could put a scoop into it, then shake a serving… I’m sure it would feel silly, but this is science!

Do let us know the results. :slight_smile:

I use a blender bottle and shake aggressively for 60 seconds. The ball that comes with it helps break up the potential clumps.

Running thru an electric blender works best, but Ive noticed when mixing with almond milk etc. that you need to add water as well to smooth it out

Here’s what I do:
Start with about 7-10 milliliters in your shaker bottle with one scoop. Shake. Add in your second scoop. Add a little more water on top. Shake good. It’ll be thick, but no dry clumps. After all the huel is mixed in i usually split the remaining water in half and shake twice more, but I’m sure you could dump the remaining water in one go.
If you wanna really assure there’s no lumps, put it in the fridge after you shake it. I love sipping on a cold shake in the morning after it sits in the fridge all night, but if you just put the shake in the fridge for around 20mins the rest of the powder settles and gets absorbed.

Mixing like this I get VERY few lumps, and I never have any lumps after I refrigerate!
Hope this helps!

Also, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated to get that last bit of settling! Seeing how you asked about hot Huel, you can absolutely make it with hot water and just let it sit out rather than in the fridge for that 20 minutes (that is, if you want to take the unneeded step of waiting to consume after shaking)
I would think the hot water might actually make the dissolving process go a little smoother!

I just got a blender bottle and shake profusely… Problem solved.

14-17 ounces of water for me (depending on whether or not I add powdered :peanuts: butter to the mix.

Does anyone actually have an answer to this?

Only one comment gave an answer, and that was to either sift through a flour sifter or to put it into a salt shaker. The rest of the comments mentioned using the shaker which the OP explicitly stated was not an option.

I have found that another way to get a smoother texture or remove clumps is to add more water. increasing the water to 20 oz or even 24 oz does help remove lumps. I found that another option is to get several bottles and shake one up and let it rest for about an hour in the fridge, or cooler with ice, and shake again just before you drink it can remove a lot of lumps too. I haven’t tried sifting it but that sounds like a great idea.