Unable to Manage my Flavours

When I go online for manage my favors, it says I do not have a subscription. But I indeed do and am able to see my subscription. How can I go about fixing this??


Same here. I get the same message even though I have a subscription.

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I was going to post about the same issue!

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We are taking a look into this.

I will provide a status update once we hear back from our site team.


I have the same issue, just replying to keep an eye on the resolution.

Hi all @Daniel_Zuranich @Zina @HuelMike @trebec, this system error has gone on longer than anticipated. The good news is that we can make changes from our end. Please send us an email at support@huel.com with your desired changes and we’ll get it set up for you. :ok_hand:

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The ability to Manage Subscription Flavors is now fixed. You should be able to go into your account and make changes your current subscription.


This happened to me as well because the website changed. You will have to contact support to get your subscription back.