Can't change subscription flavors on the site


I am having issues with changing my subscription flavors. I normally receive vanilla flavored huel, but I wanted to try the chocolate and berry flavors for my next delivery. Last month I updated my flavors through the subscription flavor under the account management section, but I still received vanilla huel.
I tried cancelling my current subscription and creating a new one with the flavors I wanted, which did not work either.
I can increment the number of bags for a specific flavor, and the site says that my preferences have been saved, but as soon as I leave the page and come back, nothing is saved.

Hi there! I am so sorry you were having difficulties updating your subscription preferences. I have went ahead and edited your subscription so that you will receive one bag of Chocolate and one bag of Berry Huel in your next order :grin: If you want to switch back to Vanilla after your next shipment, feel free to reach back out and we can switch it back. If you need anything else please let us know!

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