Can't edit my subscription to remove vanilla - SOLVED

Hey everyone, I’ve run into a strange situation. I tried to edit my subscription, and it would not let me change or remove the vanilla flavor from it as I was not a fan. Since it didn’t have a 1 by its name, I thought my subscription was already changed and was good to go. However, I just got charged today for my subscription and guess what, the mysterious vanilla is back in there. So I look for a number to call to see if I can get this sorted out, no phone number. Only available contact is through a web form.

Is there a better way to get in contact with them, or am I just out of luck for trusting that their edit subscription link and page actually work?

I do love the berry mixed with the unflavored though, cuts some of the intense flavor. The vanilla just was too sweet and overpowered everything else.

Thanks everyone!

back out of the forums by clicking on the black banner at the top of your screen (where it says this will take you to the main Huel page. you should see My Account in the upper right hand corner, go ahead and click on that. sign in to your account and your profile picture should be in the center of the screen. just under that you will find Subscriptions. click on that, and next to the last/first order you placed you should see the links to the options to Edit or Remove. click on Edit and this will take you to your order screen where you can manipulate your order.
maybe this helps!? we can all hope so

Hi! I’ll PM you now with more info.

I want everyone here to know that I’ve received excellent help from Tyler who helped me with my order! While they don’t have an immediate response option, this forum and the contact form ended up working really well in my case. I look forward to future orders with them!
Again, thanks for the help!


This is actually still an issue on their site. When you click into edit you can only add new items for Chocolate and Berry, I wasn’t able to update my subscription to only have the new flavors and remove vanilla so the total was now 4 bags. I had to call into Huel for them to manually adjust.

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I am also not able to change my subscription. I currently get 1 Vanilla and 1 Chocolate, but I want to change it to 2 Chocolate. It doesn’t even show the Vanilla as add, but it is counting it in the price.

Heyo! I went in and changed your subscription to two bags of chocolate.

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