Somehow ordered 5 bags without choosing flavors

To huel customer support:

my last month (february) order had some issues with delivery because the system didn’t detect what flavors i chose (which, i think, is impossible because just to get the bags, you have to choose a flavor). Anyways, the great customer support helped me in choosing flavors and an expedited delivery.

This month (march), i checked my subscription and it still seems to have the same issue with no flavors chosen. i tried editing the subscription, but when i add one bag, it somehow costs $89. i then tried cancelling the subscription, but the page just stays on the ‘loading’ icon with no resolution.

i guess what i’m asking is, can i get a customer support agent to help me edit my subscription? I was hoping for 3 bags of chocolate and 3 bags of unflavored/unsweetened. For some reason the current system does not want to work with me.

Hey Curtis. I’m a bit confused on what’s going here as well–I’m messaging my team about this and should have an answer by Monday. In the meantime, I paused your order so it doesn’t process incorrectly on 3/10.

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Thanks for the info.

I checked today and I no longer have a subscription. Can I go ahead and create a new subscription order?

Yes you are free to create a new subscription.

Thanks very much for the help!

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