I am finding it impossible to alter subscriptions online

It never seems to work. I want to change a 1 chocolate, 1 vanilla subscription to 2 chocolates but if I try to change the vanilla to 0 or the chocolate to 2 I keep getting a “subscription group not found” error. Same if I try to alter the date. Very frustrating!

Hey @freddiemertz! Sorry for the frustration here. I have went ahead and updated your subscription so that you receive two bags of Chocolate Huel Powder moving forward, no Vanilla😁 It seems your next order is set to process this Wednesday, January 15th so you’re all set for that shipment! If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

I followed up with an email asking to suspend the order entirely, but it appears you guys didn’t get to it and the order was placed today. Is it too late to stop it? The inability to call someone and the lack of functionality of the website is very frustrating!