Two weeks in and Huel has become a great fit for my diet and lifestyle

Wanted to share my thoughts after my first two weeks, maybe someone on the fence might see this or if one of their friends is considering Huel it will give them some things to consider. Also doing this to give feedback to the Huel team.

  1. I started with Huel 3.0 vanilla powder, Hot and Savory Mexican Chili and H & S Cajun Pasta. I was very happy that my initial order came with a shaker cup, a “pot” for making the hot and savory, and four scoops. I’ve had lots of shaker bottles before, but the Huel bottle is easily my favorite yet. It’s easy to clean, doesn’t leak, mixes Huel well, and is great to take on-the-go. The Huel Pot also makes taking my Hot and Savory to work very easy and convenient. I just add hot water from our office water cooler and 5 minutes later lunch is ready.
  2. Vanilla powder is not sweet, which I actually like. It also goes great if you add an espresso shot. I usually have Huel Powder (2 scoops) for breakfast now (add a few ice cubes before shaking, it’s very good cold!). Compared to other meal replacement shakes I’ve tried in the past, Huel provides a very filling 400 calories and I’m usually good for 3.5 to 4.5 hours before needing something for lunch.
  3. Hot and Savory is also filling, but sometimes I would end up starving by dinner. I know if I really wanted to lose weight quickly I’d just gut it out and that eventually my body would get used to having so few calories for breakfast and lunch. However, since I’m not vegan/vegetarian what I’ve been doing is adding lean protein and vegetables to my serving of hot and savory, and the extra calories/protein definitely gets me through to dinner. By doing this it also makes my lean protein and vegetables go further.
  4. I had a little bit of the Huel Flatulence at first, but that’s mostly subsided now. I do feel good consuming Huel, no stomach or digestion issues.
  5. Final thought: I really like how easy and convenient Huel and Huel H & S is. No matter what’s left over in the fridge, or whether or not we’ve made it to the store, I like knowing that I have a nutritious breakfast and lunch option that’s easy to prep and take to work. So many of the lunch options near my work are fast food and the ones that make real food don’t make what you’d consider “healthy” options. Along with the convenience it’s saved me money from having to go out to lunch all the time and the fuel it takes to drive to lunch. Granted, getting out of the office for a mental break is still something I like to do.

All in all, very happy I’ve tried Huel. I look forward to ordering new flavors to try. Maybe I’ll lose a little weight, maybe I won’t. But I feel good knowing that I’m eating better.


Hey John, thanks SO much for stopping by to write such a great review. Really appreciate you taking the time to do this!

Great to hear this! We know that it probably doesn’t have everything you could want from a shaker, but for a few shaker we think it’s pretty elite!

Huel + Coffee is such a favourite. Espresso is great, cold brew is good too. Even instant coffee like nescafe works well, it doesn’t need hot water to dissolve. If you want to really get a hit of coffee, then chill down some left over french press brewed coffee :exploding_head:

I think this is one of the most surprising things about Huel actually, how filling it actually is.

Yeah that’s great, I guess it depends what you’re used to having for lunch right? If your lunch is usually quite big then a 400kcal serving isn’t going to cut it. Great that you’re experimenting, adding you own stuff, instead of just saying it doesn’t work for you :laughing:

Thanks again and keep us posted on how you’re getting along!