1st time with Huel

So my Huel was ordered on the 7th and came in tonight. I think I checked the page to see if it had been filled about 10 times a day. I’ve never had a meal replacement anything so I was kind of excited to see what it was all about and if I’d actually enjoy it. I couldn’t wait till tomorrow to try it so I mixed up my first bottle of vanilla tonight. I have to say it does taste better than I was expecting. The texture is a bit odd for me, but overall I definitely like it more than any protein shake I’ve tried. I feel full at the moment but I did just drink a big container of water. I’m interested to see how long it will keep me that way. Overall I’m still excited to mix this into my daily routine and can’t wait to try it with some coffee in the am.


How’s the Huel life going so far, John? Any fave concoctions yet?

I’m enjoying it. It’s definitely serving its purpose of giving me something healthy to have while rushing around. Today was the first day that ive replaced 2 meals with it and I’m feeling just fine. I get hungry after about 3 hrs which is about normal for my fat butt anyway. I’ve had it for breakfast and didn’t have any energy issues working out.

I tried adding in the teaspoon of instant coffee yesterday but I think I need to try more. Today I added in a shot of expresso and it was good but again I think I need more lol.

It’s interesting, I find myself looking forward to my next shake, but when the time comes, my brain is also looking forward to a big ole cheeseburger. So I have to restrain and drink the shake. I enjoy it, feel full, and go about my day.

I plan to refer it once I can get the email friends button to work lol

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