First time using Huel, first post

I’ve been lurking and reading since I ordered, but decided not to post until I received and tried my Huel. It arrived a few days ago, and today is day three using it.

To start off, I actually like the flavor of the vanilla. My biggest fear was that I would hate it, because I have tried so many “shakes” (protein, diet, meal shakes) that range from gross to vile. I was very pleasantly surprised that Huel vanilla tastes just like it was described: light oaty flavor with vanilla and a bit of sweetness. I enjoy drinking it. I also got some U/U, but I’ve only used the vanilla so far.

My goal when starting Huel was to lose weight and save money by breaking some really bad habits I’ve picked up. I chronically skip breakfast, I always order lunch at work, it’s alway a huge lunch, it costs a fortune, and then I eat a huge dinner on top of it all. It’s like I took every cardinal sin of nutrition and budget and told them, “hold my beer.”

Since the Huel came in, I am having three shakes (2 scoops each) at work and eating dinner. Dinner is still less than healthy, but by having a shake earlier in the day, I have more energy, by breaking breakfast and lunch into three shakes, I am not hungry, and I get more water. And I am less hungry at dinner, so even that will be easier to make healthier (portion wise) as time goes on.

I am very excited about my great start and am looking forward to tweaking my process and reaching my weight and budget goals.

Sorry, I hit post too soon and only posted half of this. This is the complete post now.


Welcome to the Huel fam, Marti! We’re happy to have you on board! :tada::tada::tada:

Hello! I’m pretty new as well. I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts, and it’s exciting to see how many of us are just starting on this journey.

Your story sounds similar to mine. I would skip breakfast or maybe have a Starbucks Americano (with way too much half-and-half). When lunch came around, if I didn’t bring my lunch I would make unhealthy and expensive choices. I would usually get hungry and snack in the late afternoon. One of the wonderful and terrible things about my office is that there’s always a donut or a piece of cake to be found. And I had a hard time resisting those!

I’m now drinking 2 shakes a day - breakfast and lunch. I use the U/U Huel, and I add a little chocolate powder to it. It’s fabulous. So far I haven’t really felt hungry, and I actually look forward to my shakes. I got a little hungry the other afternoon, and a handful of pistachios did the trick until dinner. So I think the Huel is really keeping me full longer than my actual meals did.

I’m doing Orangetheory Fitness about 5 times a week, and I’m hoping between that and the shakes I can get into good shape. I’m not necessarily trying to lose weight, but I definitely need to tone things up.

Good luck!