FIRST IMPRESSIONS - A long time needed solution

Hi all! I’m a US customer, ordered Huel about a week ago and it arrived at my doorstep today. I picked up seven bags of vanilla and one bag of unsweetened/unflavored Huel with the intention to experiment with it in baking and other places in the kitchen. My plan from the get go has been to utilize Huel as a complete meal replacement for 100% of my caloric/nutritional intake. Knowing this is extremely difficult as walking away from hot food might be dreadful, I’m going in with the mindset that this is temporary and worth every bit.

I made a transformation last year from about March to November of 2017. I was at 195lbs at 35% body fat, by October I was at 19% body fat, 193 lbs. That’s a loss of 30 lbs of fat, gain of 28lbs of muscle. I’m looking to continue that journey to even lower body fat percentage, higher muscle, around the same weight. This was accomplished with a ton of weekly meal prep, and at least 10-12 hours in the gym and 7 in the kitchen weekly. This year I’ve decided to pick up Huel as the perfect nutritional tool to further my mission, while saving me a ton of time.

There are numerous benefits I see by using Huel and I’ll share a few here.

  1. Price point - Huel is extremely affordable for the serious nutritional value that it provides. Don’t change the price of you’re listening - you have found a perfect product/market fit, don’t wanna rock the boat! :grimacing:

  2. Ease of preparation - it seriously takes minutes to prepare a full day’s worth of meals. Last year I’d spend hours doing meal prep weekly and actually started to enjoy cooking. I’m better in the kitchen because of this, however with my lifestyle, meal prepping that much simply wasn’t sustainable.

  3. Supportive/Vibrant community - This community has been great so far. It’s budding and has yet to see the growth I expect from this product, but has been extremely helpful for pre-purchase evaluation, as well as learning new tricks to spice up my Huel experience to ensure I get the most enjoyment out of the product. Mods are super active as well which is great.

Tonight I was able to whip up my first shake. I have a pretty nice blender that I used to use every morning for my protein shakea, so I didn’t have to drink just a “shaken” meal. I do think this makes a big difference - get a blender if you can. I used about 1.25 cups of water, 2 servings of egg whites for additional protein, 1 cup of Huel, and .75 scoops of Syntha 6 Chocolate protein. From a flavor standpoint, my experience is right in line with most others on this forum - Huel tastes mostly like oats, because - SURPRISE! It mostly is oats. This isn’t a bad thing as I could definitely see myself getting used to it, but oats are really easy to compliment with other foods. The shake I made was a little thick and a little hard to get down, but I drank the whole thing. This is mostly my fault for not adding enough liquid to compliment the extra Huel/protein I added.

My next shake will likely have more water, less Huel (I did about 145 grams of Huel and I believe one serving is 127 grams - I’ll need to double-check measurements), frozen bananas, and cinnamon. need to buy some ingredients to make that happen but will post back once I have the goods.

Thanks for reading - please do post if this has inspired you or if you have any questions. I’ll be sure to keep this thread updated as I progress through my journey :blush:
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So glad to hear that Huel will be able to save you time in your busy schedule! Meal prep can be a real beast to keep up with. Happy Hueling, Zachary! :muscle:

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I had my 2nd shake this morning. I made a batch for both my GF and I. 260g of Huel, 600ml water, 100ml egg whites, 2 scoops Syntha 6 protein powder, some powdered probiotics, blended for about a minute.

The shake was still super thick. I had about half, then put into my refrigerator at work to let it cool for a bit. When I came back about 1-2 hours later, the shake had gotten even thicker :joy:

If anyone’s seen Woody Allen’s sleeper, it felt a little bit like this: image

Still need to work out portions/sizing for the proper thickness!

Third shake in(work catered lunch :slight_smile:) for dinner tonight. I did two scoops of Huel, one scoop of Syntha 6 protein, and 400ml of water. WOW - this is the consistency I’m looking for. I’m going to look into possibly doubling/quadrupling this for my recipes.


Awesome @zwright7!

Thanks for sharing and let us know if you whenever you are done making that video. :slight_smile:

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zwright7- No need to walk away from hot meals. I generally make Huel at the 400 cal level, which is 100g of Huel and anywhere from 400 to 500 ml of water. The other day I reduced it to 300 ml of water and microwaved it for 2 minutes(30 seconds at a time). It got thick, I’d say it was runny oatmeal and I had to eat it with a spoon. I think I could have drunk it if I had stopped it at a minute and a half. So, if you have time and want a hot meal it is possible.