Received Huel Yesterday!

Hello Forum!

Happy to report I received my order of 2 bags of Vanilla Huel yesterday. 13 days from order to delivery. I was in a rush when I got home yesterday knowing I wouldn’t have a chance to source dinner, so I was excited to give Huel a go. I followed the directions using 3 scoops of the powder in the shaker cup. I like the flavor and the texture isn’t much different from other meal replacement shakes I’ve tried - not a big deal. Huel kept me fueled through a three-hour tattoo session. By the time I got home, I was hungry again, so I had more Huel.
I had Huel for breakfast today, ate a solid salad for lunch at work, and had Huel an hour or so after work. Probably going to have some more Huel tonight.
Overall, I feel pretty good. Digestion is working properly. I feel confident that I am getting a much better balance of nutrients and look forward to seeing how Huel has an effect in my body over time. I appreciate the cost-effectiveness of Huel too. Thank you Huel!

~ anthony

I’m sorry for the inconvenience with the delay, but I’m glad to hear you are loving Huel! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you get the most out of your Huel. :relaxed:

The universe was conspiring against me to try Huel. My package arrived on Monday and I was so excited, however, I had a huge meeting at work on Tuesday that was catered, and the food was delicious. So my Huel experience would have to wait another day. I really hoped that I like it though because it is everything I am looking for in a meal replacement shake. Breakfast Wednesday morning, unflavored/unsweetened. The name says it all, it was just that, unflavored/unsweetened. I like that it didn’t have flavor but I would have liked some sweet, maybe stevia would help. Lunch Vanilla, I really enjoyed Vanilla, maybe a little on the sweet side. Breakfast on Thursday however I hit the sweet spot…no pun intended. Equal parts unflavored and vanilla made the perfect shake. I haven’t made up my mind whether I am going to to halfsies or just switch to vanilla yet but I enjoyed it very much. On a side note I am glad I had blender bottles though because the Huel shaker leaks something terrible, lesson learned.

Check that you didn’t cross-thread when you closed it (mine was prone to that early on). So long as I wasn’t cross threaded, neither of my two shakers (though I have only used the 2nd one once) have leaked.

I always use a mix. My normal is 2:1 UU to Vanilla since that leaves no guesstimating with the scoop, but sometimes I do the reverse.

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Yay Paul! Happy you were able to get your Huel and start experimenting! What I would recommend with the Huel shaker is to make sure the cap is lined up with the logo or the opposite side of the logo. That’s the best way to know your shaker lid is secure and won’t leak. If it still leaks then we can send you another shaker, no problem. :slight_smile: Let me know!

Not a big deal Teresa, I thought maybe it was my stupidity the first time so I tried it again…got wet again. I have plenty of blender bottles to work with, after all I didn’t order Huel for the shaker or the shirt. Although the shirt is nice.

No guessing here, I am really particular about measuring so I use a kitchen scale. I also do 3 meals of 300 cals instead of 2 meals of 500 cals. Each shake for me is 37 grams U/U and 37 grams Vanilla and when I get really wild I add 12 grams of peanut butter powder…and that is outstanding, makes the drink about 350 cals.

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No worries on the delay. I just ordered a recurring delivery!

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Hi. So to do 3 meals of 300 calories, how many SCOOPS equalls the correct amount? That is perfect for what i want to do but i have no scale, only the scoops. TYIA. Kathy

So I got my scale out to try and do the 300 calories for you and without you having a scale it might be off. 3 scoops is 500, so 300 ended up being around 1.80 scoops for me. But then I realized it would also depend on how tightly you pack the first scoop lol. 500/3 is like 166 a full scoop.

Thanks so much for your help!

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I also thought about your scoop dilemma. Without a scale it is difficult but not impossible to get around 300 calories. If you only use 2 scoops then you are close, it works out to around 330 calories depending on how you pack the scoop. If you plan on continuing Huel long term, I would get a scale. They are pretty cheap, around maybe 9 or 10 bucks on Amazon.

Thanks for your help Paulie!

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