Two delivery attempt fails by Fedex

I purchased 8 bags Black Huel (on subscription). But Fedex tried to deliver two times outside the shipping company working hour (PDT Time) (I lived outside the US so I need a shipping company to ship it to my country). Fedex will try to attempt another (final) delivery tomorrow at 8pm (this of course is outside working hour). Could anyone from Huel call Fedex to change the delivery time to before 5pm PDT time? Thank you.

Have you tried to call FedEx about this?

Yes, I called them but never managed to talk to a human. I talked to an AI bot and the only thing I can do is to ask for the package status and hold at location, which obviously is not a solution because I made the order and the package would be shipped to my shipping company, which in turn would ship it to me so I can’t really ask them to go to a Fedex location and pick the package. Also what is very weird is that I asked the package to be shipped to Garden Grove, CA but the place where the package was failed to be delivered is Fullerton, CA, which is about 8 miles from Garden Grove.

Any help from Huel is very appreciated because Huel is currently my main food source.

Truly sorry to hear that! I have gone and messaged you personally to get more information on your order and assist you with it.

Could you check your mail box? I sent you a message 5 days ago and have never received any replies from you.