FedEx is defeating the whole reason Huel exists

Unfortunately, I will no longer purchase anything with Huel again until you change your delivery provider. I would rather pay for shipping myself through the USPS or UPS because I absolutely love your products.

Here’s the situation. My order was shipped out on June 1st. FedEx said it would be delivered Thurdsay, which I thought was crazy. Until I realized it was coming from Indiana, a mere 2 hours from where I live. Then it was Friday. Then delivery was rescheduled for Tuesday. No problem.

It took FedEx 3 days to move my package 20 miles to a different facility in Indiana. Then another 12 hours to take it 2 hours to my city. Then, after it was 10 miles from me, it was transported 5 hours out of state, then brought back to my city. And then it was moved again, on Tuesday, out of state.

Scheduled delivery said it would be Thursday of this week. Then today it says Friday.

When I called FedEx today to find out why, they told me that they have an arrangement with the Postal Service. But USPS wouldn’t pick up from Huel, but would deliver. And now they say they won’t deliver. Obviously I can’t trust what FedEx is saying.

I can’t in good conscience purchase products from a company that uses a delivery provider that is so inefficient and mismanaged that they transport packages to 4 different states when the origin of the package is literally 2 hours from where I live.

The final kicker of it all is that due to the method of shipping, FedEx offered no option to hold the package at the center 10 miles from my house so I could go pick it up myself.

No way guys. There is absolutely no way I can feel in anyway good about Huel when this is what is happening on the other end. I thought vegan products were meant to be good for the environment and be sustainable for society. How in the world can you make that claim when this is who you do business with?

No more. YOU have to fix this. Not for me, but for your integrity. Use DPD, UPS, USPS, DHL. Anyone but FedEx. This is absolutely unacceptable.


I am hoping your experience was an exception to the rule. And you lost me right away with your statement of switching to USPS.

USPS is absolutely terrible where I’m at. Even walking into a post office - clutter. Everywhere. Stacked high. The most recent issue I had with them was that they lost a package that I paid a lot of money for to have overnighted. Dealing with the USPS was absolutely terrible, not to mention the contents were cremains of a loved one.

Don’t give up on Huel. They really have something pretty cool going on. All companies are understaffed and overworked and the staff that they do have are underpaid. Including FedEx, and USPS.


I’m not giving up on Huel. I adore their products. But I can’t have a clear conscience knowing FedEx is the only option for a delivery provider. I don’t care about the waiting. It’s the complete lack of regard for the environment from FedEx. We need options. I’ll pay for shipping on my own rather than use FedEx. Anything is better than using FedEx.

I won’t make anymore purchases from Huel until there are options that aren’t FedEx.

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I understand what you’re saying. Logistics companies suck - but I really doubt that UPS or USPS is perfect from these flaws either. I understand that you would like to have the opportunity to try them though.

Keep in mind - by eating Huel you’re still significantly helping the environment and conserving fresh water etc.

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I placed an order this week. The order was large enough that it was split into two boxes. One box was shipped by UPS. The other is scheduled to be delivered by FedEx today.

I’ve placed orders in the past. Usually, it’s shipped by FedEx, though some have been shipped by UPS.

If there’s a pattern to the above, I’ve no idea what it could be.

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All carriers are having issues lately. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a piece of clothing that shipped via UPS from one city near Los Angeles to another city near Los Angeles. UPS sent the package to Maryland, then to Indiana, then finally back to Los Angeles. Delivery took a week longer than it should have and the package was flown all over the country. During the same week, USPS kept sending another package back and forth between post offices before they finally delivered it to me.

Conversely, UPS delivered my most recent Huel order quickly and without issue.

No carriers are going to be perfect or consistent across the country, especially right now with staffing problems. What happened with your FedEx delivery could have happened with any carrier.

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That is a funny story, but I think you are overreacting a little. After all, you got your package, didn’t you? I am sure we all have stories of packages that never made it to our doorsteps.

This sounds like a one-off case. I haven’t had any issues with FedEx deliveries. Huel orders are delivered in 2 business days (or less!) on a regular basis. Also, when you have delivery problems, contact Huel customer support. They have the business relationship with FedEx and can sort out delivery mishaps.

FedEx delivery to southwestern virginia has no had problems.

I live no more than 15 minutes away from the Indy FedEx hub and mine takes a less extreme but similar path as yours…I’m uncomfortable with it as well.

FedEx is the absolute worst. Even people who work for FedEx will tell you they’re terrible - I certainly hope Huel will consider using a different carrier.

Sorry about this @CosmicMustard (amazing screen name btw). Couriers seem to be really variable across regions. Whomever you think is the best courier may be terrible in another part of the country. Out of interest who are you folks’ prefered couriers? Service only, price not being a factor.

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UPS is the best in my region (western Washington).

I prefer UPS in Ohio, USA.

Every time I have a problem with shipping, the cause is always FedEx.