Another Sad Post about Failed FedEx Delivery (PLEASE Add More Delivery Options)

While I will be writing the details of the delivery directly to customer support here soon, I wanted to voice my qualm about the use of FedEx for deliveries in the public forum to hopefully push the team to provide more delivery system options.

I live 6 hours from the Huel US center. I know there are delays in orders and I did not at all mind the wait time of 5 days. However, just 20 minutes ago, I got the notification that the Huel was delivered to my doorstep. I was home, my family was home, and my sister even has a window adjacent to the front porch and it was open. NO DELIVERY was made. FedEx has blatantly lied about deliveries being made to my home in the past and has even signed for packages on the homeowner’s behalf, only delaying the process further. FedEx is extremely unreliable, and in my area, extremely shady.

I have opened an investigation with FedEx as I recognize that this is their fault, and if nothing turns up by tomorrow, I will reach out to Huel to see what information they have on their end to see where the package might be.

The point of this post is to demonstrate the fault of the only delivery system available to Hueligans and how the option is simply unacceptable for some. I propose a solution of providing secondary or even tertiary shipping options to customers (with adjusted prices) so the customer may decide the shipping company they trust.

UPDATE: A very kind neighbor across town had received the box, looked up the address, and delivered it to my home. This does not resolve the issue of FedEx being a poor delivery service in my area, but I am very pleased that it finally arrived and I can finally review it and enjoy it:)

UPDATE 2: Although I received the package and notified Huel that I arrived thanks to my neighbor, Huel still refunded 10% of the charge for the trouble, and I really appreciate that care on their end.


Fed Ex is awful and I’m going to keep going on about it until they finally switch off to USPS. What an awful rep for the brand. Since a lot of this relies on timely delivery, Fed Ex is screwing a LOT of this up.

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I mean I recognize it may be dependent on the area. My partner told me in his area, FedEx is his favorite and most reliable delivery service and I was shocked. So now my take is that I would just like to see options, as offered on some sites I shop with online. The will list like USPS Ground: 5-7 days, FedEx: 3-5 days, overnight: 1 day, etc., with adjusted prices. I like having options. I have no idea what strain this places on the company though.

in my area, fedex sucks and never follows delivery instructions. i dread waiting for a delivery from them as i never know how it will go. USPS or UPS are WAY better. just sayin’!

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If only you could ship Huel through Amazon. They have those pickup boxes in every city now.