Item not delivered like FedEx claims, no response from Huel Customer Service

I am a new customer and my first shipment was sent on November 6th. I hadn’t received it on the 15th, so I checked the tracking information, and FedEx claims they delivered it 11/13/19 at 9:26 a.m. I have cameras at both my front door and my back door, and I have video of a FedEx truck driving up and stopping for a few seconds at 9:24 but nobody got out of it, and nothing was delivered to my home, either front door or back door. I emailed Huel three times with zero response. I tried to start a claim with FedEx where’s my package, but only the sender can do that as they need the account number. I’m very disappointed with the customer service quality at Huel. They need to outsource it if they don’t have the ability to respond to people.

Hi there Michelle. I’m terribly sorry to hear that FedEx wasn’t able to appropriately deliver your package! I do see that one of our team members actually got back to you yesterday - he’s more than willing to get you a replacement package at no additional cost once you can confirm your delivery address for us😁 As soon as we get that response we’ll get it on the way for you! If you need anything else just give us a shout.

So, it’s Marilyn. He did not do as I asked and dispute delivery with FedEx. So here we are again, they say they delivered to my back door, but I’m here and I have cameras on both front and back doors nothing is here and no one is on video as delivering anything. I called FedEx, they said they are going to ask the driver, but I still have nothing. Can you PLEASE require proof of delivery from FedEx? On BOTH deliveries? Only you can do it, it requires the senders FedEx account number. I live in a white house with green trim, and a black chain link fence. I will attach my video logs from today, as I emailed from the first time, showing no movement, no deliveries occurred all afternoon. So now the first shipment and the replacement shipment haven’t been received. I cannot fix the FedEx problem without your help and re-sending items is not working. Thank you

Just to be clear, there was nothing wrong with the delivery address the first time.

About 2 weeks ago a FedEx van pulled up in front of my house with a confused driver saying the GPS tag on the package was telling him to deliver something to my house, but it didn’t match the address on the package. I looked at the address and gave him directions to a house 2 blocks East and 1 block North from my house.

After three packaged being claimed delivered since then for me (one from Chewy, 2 from Huel), clearly it’s the same problem. When you go to the site to request Proof of Delivery, only the sender can request this. So please help, thank you.

Hi Marilyn! Thanks so much for getting back to me here. I’m truly sorry about this inconvenience. I’m going to get in contact with FedEx and our fulfillment center right away to see what we can do about this problem. Thanks for holding tight and please look out for an email from me today!

I don’t see any email from you…

So have you gotten any response from FedEx? I can give you video of both front and back door and my video log from Kuna that shows no activity at the time they claim to have delivered - both times. I posted my problem to the app NextDoor, several other people have the problem in this neighborhood. I spent several hours on hold and trying to get through to FedEx, they keep saying only the shipper can file a complaint. This idiot driver is not delivering to the address written on the package. He’s going to the GPS tag location, even if that doesn’t match the address on the package.