Huel Savory and Stomach Issues

Hello friends,
I got my order of Huel Savory and have eaten it three evenings in a row. I am hoping there is a period of adjustment because it currently causes nearly unbearable, doubling over stomach pain. Once the pain in my stomach subsides which can take several hours, I have terrible gas and diarrhea. I really want Huel Savory to work for me and be a regular part of my diet but currently it is negatively life altering. I am out of commission after eating it. Can anyone tell me if you’ve experienced this and it got better?

Thank you!!

Hi Debra, oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your experience so far with Huel Hot and Savory. Huel Hot and Savory is higher in fiber than our other Huel products per serving and if you are also consuming Huel at other times of day as well, your body may need to adjust to this additional increase.

I would suggest trying one scoop to see if that helps until your body adjusts a bit (and add other food to your meal depending on your needs/preferences, as well, until that adjustment occurs) or decreasing how frequently you consume it (maybe try every other day or every two days) to allow your body to adjust!

Also, you want to be sure you are drinking adequate amounts of fluid to assist with the increase in fiber too! :slight_smile:

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To Charlotte’s point, H&S is much higher in fiber. Make sure you ease into it and drink fluids.

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Thank you very much, I didn’t think about the fiber. I’m certain that is it. I’ll cut back and ease it into my diet. I sincerely appreciate your input, so helpful!

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Thank you, I will definitely ease into it moving forward and make sure to drink plenty of water.


Happy to help. :grin: Let me know how it goes!

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