Tryptophan in Huel

I know that Huel contains a good amount of the amino acids that you need, but is there known level of tryptophan, specifically? I am trying to maximize the amount of tryptophan in my diet (I’m taking a tryptophan supplement currently, but I am planning to stop supplementation and would like to get all of my needed tryptophan from diet) and would like to know roughly how much I’m getting from a Huel meal (shakes and Hot and Savory).

Hey @KellyMc - you can check out the amino acid profile of Huel powders and Hot and Savory below, including the amount of tryptophan:

Huel v3.0 powder

Huel Black Edition

Huel Hot and Savory

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Oh, I’m good then. That’s awesome. Thanks Charlotte!!!

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