Collagen content

How much collagen or amino acid components of collagen are in the Huel hot and savory as well as the complete protein?

Hey @Jason488 - welcome to the US Huel forum :slight_smile:

Huel does not contain collagen, but does contain vitamin C which is required to create collagen in the body (1).

In addition, Huel is vegan and contains a combination of plant based proteins to ensure the protein is complete, meaning it contains the 9 essential amino acids.

We have the amino acid profiles for both Huel Hot and Savory as well as Huel Complete Protein on site. Check them out below:

Hot and Savory Amino Acid Profile

Complete Protein Amino Acid Profile

I realized after I posted this that collagen is specifically an animal product. Thank you for the quick reply and supplementary information. I can’t wait until the new hot and savory flavors hit the US!

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