Trying to figure it all out

Hello, My wife and I are interested in giving Huel a shot, Just looking for recommendations on our first order. How much should we order for the first time for both of us?

If you arent looking to lose weight. try the standard white bag. I went the safe route and bought a vanilla and a berry bag with a flavor boost test pack. So far everything is working out great. If you navigate the site correctly you can land a free bag of hot and savory huel also.

Honestly the vanilla bag with the flavor boosts helped me decide what flavors to ship next time.

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Also look into how much your replacing your meals or adding in that your missing. for me Im using huel once a day with a hot an davory for lunch. each bag contains about 17 servings in it so take how much youre going to consume in 4-5 weeks into consideration.

Hey @Houstonmiller13,
So stoked that you are thinking about becoming a Hueligan!
I would definitely go for our starter kit which comes with two pouches of Huel, a shaker, and t-shirt!
It’s a great way to get into Huel as it comes with 34 meals!
My biggest pro tip would be to get one flavour that you can mix with other things like vanilla and another more adventurous flavour like salted caramel :blush:
Let me know what you are thinking of getting :heart_eyes:

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Do tell…i would like to try H&S and can’t find this promo you speak of for a free bag.

Why play when many others might like to try, too, but haven’t because of the added subscription investment?!

IDK I just know if you navigate the site youll get a popup for first time users for a free bag at checkout i think. I can attest I have a full bag of yellow coconut (yum btw)