Trouble cancelling subscription. i feel scammed

So i cancelled my subscription about a week ago, and today i wake up to an email saying an order processed that i did not OK. i emailed huel several times to cancel the order before it shipped to no response. I just received an email saying the order shipped so that was a bust. So now im out the money and have to wait for my bank to dispute the charges and refund me my money. Thanks Huel, your customer service is complete trash.

Hey @John_Cofer! We’re so sorry about this. I just checked on your account and it doesn’t look like your subscription was ever cancelled. I do apologize for any miscommunication and I’ve gone ahead and made sure it is cancelled for future orders.

We’ll be happy to provide you with a prepaid return label so that you won’t have to pay anything to return your order, as this error might have been a mistake on our platform. As soon as you receive this shipment, let me know and I’ll send you the prepaid return label and fully refund you for this ASAP.

i got the shipment. Please send me that label so i can return.

Your prepaid return label is being emailed separately to you. Once we receive the return, we will issue a refund to you! Please keep in mind that all items must be unopened and in new condition. When you ship your order out, please let me know.

I need to cancel my subscription. However, this another company that makes you spend entire day trying to figure out how to cancel. I WANT TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Check out this page on how to cancel

Or in short:
Under Subscription & Orders > Click Edit Subscription > Click Cancel Subscription
It is under the Update Subscription Button.
It is pretty small, must be an intentional design by Huel team to make it less obvious LOL

I never use it, so I have no idea what is beyond the cancel button.

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This subscription is cancelled.