Need to cancel order and be refunded before it ships

Need to cancel order #201429 before it ships and be refunded.
Customer support email has been unresponsive
No phone number to call is absolutely ludicrous.


I’m having the same problem. Love the product, but can’t afford the cost of the month you subscription. I haven’t found a way to cancel my order.

The product causes me severe digestive problems. I can’t use it. I already have a large stock I’m gonna have to throw away. I thought I canceled my subscription last month but apparently it didn’t save so they just charged me $166 for more Huel I don’t want. Their customer service so far has been an absolute failure. If I have to manually return this stuff after it arrives I’m going to be livid.

Hour later, still no response by email, phone, Facebook, or forum. I sent Huel messages every way I could.

Still no response from Huel 48 hours later.

Hi @MasenJF, terribly sorry for the headaches you’ve been experiencing. We have recently switched to a new customer service software and are diligently working out the kinks to better serve our Huelers. Unfortunately, due to the delay, I see your order has already been processed and cannot be cancelled. Please refuse the package and have it sent back to us or return any unopened product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship the return, send me the tracking number and I will issue a full refund. It looks like you have already cancelled your subscription as well. If there is anything else I can assist you with in the meantime, please let me know.

Hey @Vincent, I see you have skipped orders until April. Would you like me to go ahead and cancel the entire subscription?

Can I just tell FedEx to return to sender in route so I don’t have to wait a week? This is causing me financial hardship

No. Nevermind. Im gonna see if I can go ahead and keep the monthly schedule. Thanks so much for contacting me.

Just contacted FedEx and was able to stop your package. I will go ahead and issue the refund now.

Please cancel my order #242600 before it ships. I was premature in ordering. I have Diverticulitis, and your FAQ does not recommend your product for people suffering from this condition.

Hello @Teresa_Huel, I need assistance canceling Order #243576 and getting refunded. I see that it shows as Unfulfilled as the status.

Joseph Ramirez

Hey @OhioJoe22,

We recently added on a fulfillment center which means that orders will be getting to customers even faster now! This means, however, that your order has already processed for fulfillment, even though it might still be showing as unfulfilled as the status on your end. Since it is already processed for shipping, I am unable to cancel it. I will privately DM you instructions for how to return your order though!

Hi i have been trying to contact huel support several times as well to cancel my order before it ships out but have not hear anything back. Order#250287

Hi Kane! Unfortunately, subscription order cancellation requests must be made the day before the charge date. Your order has already processed and I am unable to cancel this for you.
If you have plenty of Huel for now, I can skip your next subscription order or two or you can return the order. If you would like to return the order, please return any unopened product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship this, if you have a tracking number, send it over to me and I will issue a refund to you right away. Please let me know if you would like me to cancel your subscription altogether.

For future edits to your account, feel free to reach out to our team or you can make changes instantly using our handy guide at as well. :+1:

I have been trying to reach out to customer service for few days now and have not received anything…

You guys have really bad customer service. I can see that from the forum as well

Is return free?

I have been trying to reach out to a customer service for a few days now but have not gotten any luck until today.

Do I need to pay for shipping?
You guys have really bad customer service team…

Hi Kane, I’m sorry if that is the case. When I look you up in our system, I see two emails from yesterday morning requesting cancellation after the subscription order went through, which we cannot do once it has been processed. You should have received a reminder email 3 days before your order being placed, with the subject line “Your next Huel order is (almost) on the way!”, in which there is a link to our comprehensive “Huel Subscription Guide” that guides you through any changes you need to make, including cancellations.

I apologize for any confusion and am happy to work to make this right. As long as the package is unopened, you should be able to drop it off at a FedEx at no charge to you.

I need to order #2096461-US I’m in a bad financial situation and it’s too expensive to afford at this moment I sent an email but doubt they’ll respond in time

Please I need help before FedEx delivers it I’m not at the address do I can’t return the product