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I am trying to cancel an order that was placed this morning by my subscription. I thought I had skip this month but I guess it didn’t work. I have tried messaging Huel on facebook, emailing team@huel.com and support@huel.com and have received no help so far. Only a canned response on facebook messenger. Why is there no way to cancel an order online before it is fulfilled? I need assistance and am receiving none.

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How long should it take for them to respond to me? I’ve reached out to them via two email accounts, facebook, and their own forums and there is zero help. I started reaching out 5 hours ago and haven’t heard anything but a generic facebook reply about how they’ll respond eventually. Says on facebook that they usually reply within a couple hours.

Hi there, sorry that you didn’t have time to cancel your subscription before it was processed. Our US customer service team is based in LA, so when you contacted at 0913 in your location it was 0713 in LA, hence why you didn’t receive immediate replies.

We answer customer service enquiries in chronological order and will get to yours as soon as we possibly can :slight_smile:

Edit: I see that @SothanOfficialHuel has cancelled your order for you and replied to your email!

Thank you for replying, but when order processing happens outside of times when users can get timely responses there can be issues. An option to cancel orders before fulfilled on the website would have prevented this issue entirely.

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I understand your frustration. Were you aware that you had a subscription set up? There are two options at check out - single purchase and subscription. Subscription will mean that you receive regular bundles of Huel so that you don’t run out!

With the greatest possible respect, if you place an order it would be odd to offer an option to the cancel the order immediately after placing it. I’m not aware of any eCommerce business that does this? What we do instead is send notification emails a few days prior to your sub being fulfilled. That way you can jump into your account and cancel, amend the contents or even postpone it to a later date.

Let us know if we can do any of that for you too and we would be happy to help!

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Plenty of eCommerce businesses offer the ability to cancel an order if it hasn’t been fulfilled yet. And yes I knew about the subscription. I accept that the order was placed and that I could have cancelled beforehand. What I have trouble with is the lack of being able to even submit a cancellation request from the website. Also, your twitter account responded and asked what I needed help with and then did not so much as acknowledge my request. I do not wish to argue with you but maybe add a section on the main huel site about a single, proper channel for cancellation. At this point I’m just glad that I was finally able to get it cancelled and would like it to be easier for other customers in the future.

@Tim_Huel, Amazon does allow you to cancel orders. Users can make mistakes when purchasing because the wrong thing could’ve been selected.

I have an order I’d like to cancel. And don’t see any option to do so.

Once an order is processed, it’s really hard to cancel an order. I’ll reach out to our team and see if we can cancel 356196-US–if we are unable to, I can provide a return label for you to ship it back.

I was able to cancel this order! Expect the refund in 3-10 days.

@Tyler_Huel I sent an email yesterday and I have not gotten a response yet… I was requesting a order cancellation with reference number 72517. Thank you @Tim_Huel

I’ll reach out and see!

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I’m in the same boat need help canceling my subscription. I have tried through the canceled order option on the website and I’ve also emailed support. My auto order was processed today and I don’t want it! Order # 359189

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I have sent two messages now to cancel my subscription and have not heard back. This is the second major issue I have had with Huel. I like the product but the service is TERRIBLE. The last time it took almost 3 weeks to get a refund issued. I want to just cancel the subscription portion of my service and order on an as needed basis. Your website doesn’t work well and it’s SUPER inconvenient to have to log in and skip subscriptions and be worried that it will be “missed” in your system.

Good luck. I skipped an order and they sent it anyway and I had to pay to send it back and waited 3 weeks to someone to respond to an email to give me a refund. Not cool.

Can I get some help here please??? I’ve sent several messages to cancel my subscription without any sort of response. I’m going to contact the BBB if I don’t hear from someone today. This is insane.

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Agreed, getting the Better Business Bureau involved may be necessary. Still haven’t heard anything myself

Well just got the shipment notification email, great… Called my bank and asked them to void the pending transaction. They couldn’t do that but once it’s processed they can help me Dispute the charge and stop any future recurring charges. Still waiting on a reply from customer service :roll_eyes:

I just responded to your support email and offered a resolution. The order will be returned to our fulfillment center and a refund was issued. Please allow 3-5 days for the refund to process.


Your subscription is now cancelled.