Hold subscription still shipped

I had an order that I told it not to ship because I had enough huel still but the order still shipped and I was charged. I tried contacting support about cancelling before it was shipped but never heard back and now the order has shipped.

I went ahead and cancelled my subscription all together. Can I get information on how to get a refund and return the product that was shipped?

Hey @sergioj! When looking at your account, we see you skipped your Sept 30th & Nov 18th orders. You didn’t skip the Jan 6th order though which is why it shipped. You also emailed us after the order had already processed which is why we aren’t able to cancel it! Subscription orders must be cancelled the day before. So sorry about that!

If you would like to return the order, please return any unopened product to the address below, including your name and order number.

Huel Returns
14401 Sovereign Road
Suite 101
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Once you ship this, if you have a tracking number, send it over to me and I will issue a refund to you right away. :slight_smile: