Cancel Order #773192 - Read before buying Huel

Why does Huel not give any upcoming subscription payment notice?

Why does Huel not let you cancel an order immediately before shipping?

Simple answer - they want your money without you noticing. Plain and simple. They want you to pay without noticing. Very shady business policies. And their return policy? O yea, pay more than half the cost of the order to ship these back to us for a “full refund”. What kind of stupid shit is that? So you can’t cancel your order and if you don’t want it, you have to pay ridiculous amounts to return it.

I don’t know of a single company that refuses to let you cancel an order you don’t want except for Huel. This is the type of company you are dealing with. They could easily put a cancel button before they ship like other services, but they don’t want to. They just want your money.

I always get an email notice 2 or 3 days before my subscription renews. I’ve been on a subscription for close to two years now. They do send notification. Maybe you just missed it? Disregarded it as an ad?

As to why you can’t cancel it before shipping someone from Huel will need to answer that.


Same, I get the email notification in advance and if I need to postpone, I just log in and do so.


I always get an email a few days before shipping. Always.


I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble C.

As other Hueligans have mentioned you should have received a subscription reminder around 3 days before your order was due to be processed.

Our fulfilment team work super quick on getting your order out the door which enables us to offer short shipping times. As a result, once an order has been processed it’s very unlikely that you will be able to cancel an order.

There is also a cancel button on your account/subscription page so you can push an order date back, cancel your subscription or pause it.

The forum isn’t really Customer Experience platform did you reach out to the team via email or your chosen social platform? I’ll tag my pal @Christian_Huel who might be able to give you some more specific information regarding your order.


You make that sound good, but let’s be real, that’s complete BS. The order was “fulfilled” on Saturday at 4:55AM. I noticed roughly at 6AM and sent a cancellation request. The package wasn’t picked up by FedEx until Monday. That leaves plenty of time to cancel an order, but they clearly don’t want people cancelling.

Bottom line, I liked the product, but will never deal with companies with shady practices like this. They could easily offer cancellations within a short period of time, but they don’t because they value easy profits over customers.

And not sure why, but I don’t get any reminder, I get emails from Huel so it’s not blacklisted and I don’t see anything in my spam.

I feel for you, but I have received emails prior to every order, have been able to cancel, and change to the different varieties. In this situation I can’t see this as Huel’s error and I would bet if you spoke with them they would probably work with you. Best of luck!


Hi There! I have dropped you a DM on your forum to help you with this situation!


Check spam. Had this happen at first and then found that the reminder went to my spam. My fault, not theirs.

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