Not letting me cancel subscription

Hello, I keep getting “error 404 page not found” when clicking on the manage subscription option to cancel my subscription to avoid being charged again due to the fact that I still have enough left from my previous order. My order renewed today which I was trying to avoid but given the fact that there was no way to cancel my subscription is there any thing that can be done on here to refund me and cancel it?

I see that you were already helped via an email, John! Just wanted to clarify that you have been refunded for this order.

What browser were you using when attempting to manage your subscription? We recommend trying a different browser as this should not be happening.

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I’m having trouble cancelling my subscription to huel, maybe you can help me with this. I tried huel for the first time, thought it was okay but waking up this morning not feeling so good. I would like to cancel my subscription…

@Youngblood Unless you are feeling just terrible, I would suggest you give it a couple of days for your body to adjust. My first few days drinking Huel I felt bloated and over full, as well as had some slight gastro-intestinal issues. It all cleared up within a few days and now I have never felt better.

Also, make sure you are easing into it (try 1 shake/day for the first week etc.) and you can always try less Huel in your shakes and gradually increase (I typically do 80-100g instead of the full 127g per serving).

Hey there. I see that your subscription is cancelled! Please let me know if you need anything else.

Hello Alex, I had the same issue and would you mind cancelling my subscription as well?

Thank you very much indeed!

Hi there,

Please check your inbox for account details.

Same. Been trying for more than an entire day to cancel subscription but it just times out. I’ve tried chrome and firefox, I’ve emailed and chased since but received nothing back from Huel for over 24hrs. I still have plenty left from my first order so I wanted to postpone shipment of my next batch and also change the flavours. Now I’ve had the email to confirm my next order has been dispatched…disappointed to say the least

Hey @trickywooq! I just checked on your email(s) and I see what happened. Since you emailed us 3 times throughout the day, it kept pushing your email to the back of the queue and we weren’t able to respond to it! In the future, know that sending just one email means that we will get to it faster. :slight_smile:

I’ll privately DM you to get the email associated with your Huel account and help you out with this!

If you get put to the bottom of the queue by chasing your unanswered email then that is not a great customer experience. I gave it 6 hours with no response before trying again, which I felt was more than enough

I was charged this morning for a subscription I’ve “successfully” cancelled twice in the past.

I’ve also been unsuccessful at getting a reply from Huel regarding my subscription cancellation.

I’m unable to delete my addresses and billing information.
I’d like to be refunded and have my data permanently erased.

Please advise.