Tried berry powder for the first time

I’m really happy with it, especially blended with frozen strawberries. I found it to be a mild berry flavor, and not too sweet. I prefer it to the chocolate, which I will probably not buy again. It wasn’t bad, just not the sort of deep, dark chocolate flavor that I like.


Otherwise that would be drinking hot chocolate or eating dark chocolate :wink: Healthy food will never taste as good as junk food. When it tastes good, something is wrong with it. So like Vanilla flavor to me taste sweet which makes me think something is unhealthy about it so that is why I am sticking to unflavored. The unflavored is the best since that taste like a REAL healthy food/drink :slight_smile: Stevia is bad for your body, it tricks your body thinking you ate sugar so this may cause issue for people who have diabetes. So I stay away from any sweetener, NO sweetener is healthy.

cough steak cough

I mean, you want to blend that steak and drink it? There is no such thing as a steak drink. LOL

One big exception. Mother Nature has made fruit sweet to entice animals/people to eat it. Not only are there numerous studies showing the positive health benefits of fruit on human health, but fruit is absolutely essential to the cycle of plant life on Earth. Animals eat the fruit and gain the healthy benefits and then excrete the seeds (which are coated and can survive the intestinal track) out onto the ground mixed in fertilizer.

Without the small amount of fructose in fruit, I’m afraid the system fails. It provides a reward for the animal to keep eating it.

I eat up to 8 servings of whole fruit a day. It’s sweet. It tastes very good. And it’s very healthy for me. I just don’t poop on the ground, though. I leave that part to the animals.


Fruits are not the same are pure sugar or sweeteners like stevia. Of course I added fresh fruits to my unflavored drink so it tastes better where I know it is not processed sugar but natural from fresh fruits plus added fiber from the fruits for the glucose to break down slowly / better in your body system. I’m trying to stay away from fake sweeteners like stevia or pure sugar that has high GI so I don’t get diabetes in the future :wink:

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i think berry huel is straight up delicious. its all i eat though, so my sweetness receptors are especially sensitive.

@Deron what’s wrong with pooping on the ground?


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Correct. I’ve also decided to switch to unflavored after reading your post and the subsequent articles I have.