Tricks for preventing lumps?

Hi all! I’ve had a lot of trouble getting complete mixing in my shaker bottle. I finally solved it today by adding a spring ball from a bottle I found at my parents’ house, but before this I always seemed to open the bottle up to clean it only to find a thick lump of unmixed huel powder at the bottom. I’d love to figure out how to prevent this without needing the spring ball (making this a 5-part bottle and an annoyance to clean/keep track of).

Bummer to keep having to waste this, and to keep getting fewer calories than I expect (some days I get hungry sooner than expected, and later find out that an especially large portion of powder was left behind in the bottle).

What’s the secret for full mixing? My usual procedure is:
– add an inch or two of water
– add 3 scoops of BE and GF powder
– add black top half and add more water to a bit above the mixing grate
– shake extremely vigorously for 15-20s

Shaking upside-down seems to help vs. shaking right-side-up but not much.


Three scoops sounds like too much powder.

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