Chunk of powder stuck at the bottom

There is always a chuck of powder stuck at the bottom of my bottle no matter how hard I shake them. Is there any way to solve it?

Are you adding the scoops of Huel before or after you add the water? If you add the scoops first, then the Huel, the Huel at the bottom doesn’t have a chance to get fully incorporated and becomes either a chunk or a paste. This could also happen if you’re only mixing it with water in the shaker bottle - the water can’t reach everywhere and little spots of dry Huel can end up in the bottle. For best results (using a shaker) first fill the bottle with the desired amount of water proportional to the amount of scoops you are adding. Add ice (crushed ice works best) then the Huel last and shake. If you’re using a blender, personal or otherwise, you still want to put the scoops of Huel last after the water and ice, although ice is optional if you’re blending it. If you’re using a shaker ball bottle, then use the same steps as you would for using the Huel bottle.
Personally, I had the same problem my first month - seemed like sometimes no matter how hard I shook - there’d still be chunks! I used crushed ice instead of normal ice and that took it down by a lot, but now I use a blender and don’t have the issue of clumps anymore. Best of luck and hope you find something that works!

I always add milk into my bottom before I add the powder but it still always have a chuck of powder at the bottom. And it is kinda of frustrating as it seems like I wasted a lot of powder because of that

Is it possible that you aren’t using enough of the liquid for the amount of water you are using? That happens to me as well while at work and I let the bottle sit for a while. After a few shakes, though, it mixes back up very well. If that is happening consistently, my guess would be that you may not be using enough milk.

If you’re mixing it with just a liquid it won’t get fully incorporated. I had the same issue with the Huel shaker bottle before I started adding crushed ice to help “move” things around inside the bottle. My suggestion is trying it again, same as you always make it, but this time add about 3/4 of a cup of crushed ice and see if it makes a difference. I think it’s actually written on the back of the Huel bag in the directions too. Really, it definitely makes a noticeable change, try it and let us know if there’s a difference =)

I also use a bunch of ice to make mine and I agree that it certainly does make a difference.