Too difficult to change subscription amounts

I want to change my subscription from 8 bags to 4 bags, monthly.
When I go to edit my subscription, there are options to change the delivery address, the delivery frequency, but no options to change the number of bags I want.
I’m sure, if I poke around the site long enough, I’ll find this option, but it’s not obvious. Perhaps Huel doesn’t want people messing with their subscriptions.

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In the end, I just had to change the delivery rate from 4 weeks to 8 weeks, even though that’s not what I wanted to do.

If you go to “manage subscription flavors” it should give you the option to change the number of bags as well, at least mine does on the mobile site.

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Agreed. I kept poking around and came upon it by chance. Good luck!

Hi @snotmars,

As @kris4183 noted

You can make changes to your subscription bag amount and flavor splits by clicking on “Manage Subscription Flavors” in the customer account portal.


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