Subscription frequency change

I am currently on an “every 4 weeks” subscription and want to make it more frequent, either every 2 or 3 weeks and cannot figure out how to do it on the website.

I am a new customer and ended up using this more frequently and like it more than I expected to and I am going through it faster than I expected.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hey @BDC! I see you do have your account set up with us. When you log into your account, you should see the ability to change the frequency of your subscription. I can also make those changes for you if you’ll let me know what you’d like it to be set at!

Thanks. I simply am not seeing those abilities/buttons on the website.
In the interest of not waiting for an answer I just set up a second subscription last night so I should get an order roughly 2x a month and when I have too much of a backlog I can just hold off for awhile…or prep for the zombie apocalypse.

We were recently having a couple of bugs on our website when it came to subscriptions but this should have been fixed. Your solution works too! Prepping for the zombie apocalypse isn’t a bad idea though. :wink:

Regarding Website Subscription Bugs: I had a Subscription with a Dispatch Date of 24 June 2019 and when I logged in today it said I had an Inactive Subscription with a button to “Reactivate & Edit” so I clicked on that and when the page refreshed, I no longer have any Subscriptions. If you can reactivate my Subscription, that would be great. It was for Two (2) Bags of Chocolate Huel Powder v1.1 and One (1) Bag of Vanilla Huel Powder v1.1. Dispatch date of 24 June 2019 and Delivery every 2 weeks. Thanks!

I just checked on your subscription and I can confirm it is set up properly! You should be good to go. We’re currently making updates to our website which is why your subscription information isn’t showing up. It should be fixed relatively soon and we do apologize about this.

Alex, Thanks for the update!
It’s still not showing up so I will just check it in a couple days.


I logged in to my account today and now I have 2 subscriptions showing up with a Dispatch date of 24 June, 2019. I would like to keep the one with the “Discount code applied.” and Delete the other one at the normal price.

I’ll check it again later.


@Alex_Huel - I went into my account and both Subscriptions were still showing. I successfully deleted the wrong one and everything seems to be fine now. I have my one subscription with my discount code applied to the order. I think I am good to go. I will check it again once I get closer to the dispatch date.

Thanks, Al

Sounds good! If you check again and need assistance with adjusting anything, let me know and I’ll be happy to help you out!